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Does stretching make people stronger

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Stretching lengthens muscles and tendons and thereby improves flexibility and helps prevent injury. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-stretching-make-people-stronger ]
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Does stretching AFTER working out help build muscles or just make them stronger?
Q: It seems I can't find a straight answer on this one, but maybe there isn't.Does stretching after working out (lifting weights and such) help build muscle or just make you stronger? I've heard that stretching your muscles after weight training will "rip" muscles so they come back BIGGER and stronger.On the other hand, I've been told that stretching after working out only makes your muscles stronger...but not bigger. In fact, I've been told you won't even build hardly any noticeable muscle if you stretch afterword. I was told stretching after inhibits muscle GROWTH. So basically, I'm trying to decide whether I should continue to stretch after I workout...because I want bigger muscles and noticeable too. So is there any truth to any of these statements? Or is it a mix? I know there is a debate about stretching BEFORE working out...but I'm not asking about that, just AFTER.
A: Stretching both before and after is important in working out, mainly after as well before, because before a workout, you're warming up and limbering up the tendons. Afterwards, you're helping hurry the lactic acid built up in your system out. If you get the lactic acid out, yoou won't be as sore. That's why there's such a thing as cool down laps and cool down sets.
does stretching muscles make them stronger?
Q: will that prevent hernia
A: It does indeed. Some wild animals are actually stretching for exercise when it looks as though they are yawning. Flexing your muscles is good exercise.Dynamic tension may perhaps be of interest to you and a web search for "dynamic tension" + "charles atlas" will give you further information.
Does pulling a muscle make you stronger?
Q: If I pulled a muscle, say My hamstring, would it make my hamstring stronger when it was healed? I understand stretching decreases the likelyhood of pulling a muscle, but if you do pull a muscle, is it bad for you?
A: "Pulling a muscle" is different from what you're thinking of, which is "tearing down a muscle." When you "tear down" a muscle, you're breaking the bonds between muscle cells at a molecular level, and when they rejoin, they get stronger. They also produce lactic acid, which if not flushed out, will make your muscles sore. This is why people confuse injuring their muscles with the same pain that is experienced when you "tear down" a muscle and have muscle soreness the next day."Pulling a muscle" is actually an injury called a "strain" where you stretch a muscle beyond where it is supposed to be stretched. Symptoms of a strain are swelling, soreness, and sometimes bruising, but without the bruises it would be easy to dismiss a strain as post-workout soreness. The main difference in the pain is that with a strain, the pain is immediate, while your pain from your tear down will happen later on, as the lactic acid builds up in your muscles.

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