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Does spitting help you lose weight

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Yes, spitting does make you lose water weight. Wrestler's do it to keep their weight down for meets. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-spitting-help-you-lose-weight ]
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Does Spitting Help you lose weight?
I had a friend like this too. Gross! But, I think this has to do with wrestling weight classes - they're marked off every 5-10 lbs or something, and wrestlers try to squeeze just under the line - that way, they're the biggest they can pos...
Is there a diet that can help me lose weight in spite of this??
starchy and sweet foods, and this can add up to a heavy person. My advice is to make an appointment with your doctor and have the necessary tests to determine your insulin level, along with other important readings that may be in need of me...

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Does spitting help lose weight?
Q: If you spit alot will you lose weight?
A: It is very bad to spit to lose weight all the time. It is generally ineffective in losing weight, but if you need to lose weight quickly, like a football or wrestling weigh-in, it can sometimes drop you a half a pound. But if you go through your day spitting at every available chance, you will probably not lose weight. It is the same as sweat. It's water weight, which fluctuates when you drink anything. Exercise is much more effective: you lose water weight temporarily, but you also gain lean muscle mass, which needs about 20 times more calories to maintain than the same weight of fat. In short, exercise raises your metabolism, and spitting may allow you to lose fractions of a pound quickly.
If you drink water will spitting still make you lose water weight?
Q: I know that wrestlers will often spit to lose the excess water weight but if i'm still drinking water will this cancel it out?? Help =)
A: Do you want to lose weight, or do you want to lose fat?I am guessing you want to lose fat. Spitting will not help you get the body you want
does spitting help you lose weight?
A: ummm you'd most probably end up dehydrating yourself if you done it too much lol

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