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Does lifting weights make you shorter

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I found about a dozen different answers to this question, but it seems they do not affect your height. Yao Ming lifted as a kid. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-lifting-weights-make-you-shorter ]
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Does lifting weights makes you shorter?
No they wont make you shorter. No they wont make you all muscley. They will only make you that way if you train to be that way. If you train to be toned lean and healthy you will be.
Will Lifting Weights Make Me Shorter?
No, you will develop your muscles, which will make you look more muscular.
Does weight lifting make you shorter?
It doesn't matter if you're lifting 25lbs or 125lbs, lifting weights is not gonna make you shorter, and it's not gonna stunt your growth at all. That's just a myth. In fact, weight training has been scientifically proven beneficial by promo...

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Does lifting weights make you shorter ?
Q: am 19 and ive been lifting wights, i just wanna know if it can make me shorter because i really like my hight and dont wanna make it shorter.
A: Not unless you damage the discs between your vertebrae and cause them to rupture. Even that wouldn't result in a significant loss of height, just a fraction, and you'd have other problems (like pain) that would concern you more. That's unlikely in a young person, unless you really do the lifting wrong.
Does lifting weights make u shorter?
Q: hai evryone i am 5''4 and i am only 15.i have been lifing weights.my dad is real tall and mom is too and my older brother is also tall.Does lifting weights make u not grow?i didnt grow since last year i am 5''4...Is thier any medicine or anything that will make me grow..i am pretty sure that i am short becuse i am lifting...please help me....please!!!!!!!
A: If you start lifting weights at a young age, while you're still growing, it can effect your growth. In the end you may be shorter than you would have been if you waited to life but you wouldn't know the difference. You're to young to really be lifting a lot of weight, body builder type, so you should be fine. you just might be short. But don't go to crazy with it.
Does lifting weights make people shorter?
Q: Is it true or is it just a myth?IF POSSIBLE, SUPPORT YOUR ANSWER WITH A WEBSITE?
A: No. Perhaps people look shorter when they get more muscular, just as thin people look taller.Nothing can make you shorter except poor posture.The harmful type of steroids do alter your muscle sizes, height, internal organs, skin and mental state. They have major long term effects also. So stay away from those!

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