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Does doing sit ups help get abs

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Yes, doing sit-ups and/or crunches will help define your abs. However, you should also be doing cardio and eat well. Thanks for asking. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-doing-sit-ups-help-get-abs ]
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Will doing sit-ups help me get abs?
Maggie, no they will not, you already have abs. What sit-ups will do is help you develop more noticeable abs. I apologize for the smart alex remark but it is true. Do a few to start with until you can do twenty, at least twenty. This may ta...

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How long does it take to get abs/pecs doing sit-ups and press ups when I have no body fat?
Q: I'm 6ft3, skinny and eat very healthily. I don't have access to weights or anything so I want to try doing lots of Sit ups/ push ups every day for a while see if it helps. how many would I have to do and for how long?
A: That's a good start...get an ab ball and do various ab exercises and crunches on there. Put your feet on the ball when you do pushups (to vary from normal pushups). Do as many as you can...4-6 sets/day (on your days off do a couple close grip ones). Work your way up to doing 9 sets (3 sets each of 3 different styles). Should start seeing good results by summertime...
why does my abs feel sore after doing sit ups?
Q: i did some sit ups a few hours ago, my abs feeling sore. is it normal? i'd been stop exercising almost 4 years.
A: when you work out, your muscles produce an acid, and thats what causes the burning sensation, and pain after words. Do alot of stretches before and after your work out it will cut down on this. And if you need, you can take a shower, alternate between cold and hot water. that will get your blood circulating and clear out that acid shyte.
How long does it take to get Abs in Muscles if you are liftitng weights and doing sit ups?
Q: I weigh 210lb in just started to lifit weights and doing sit ups in was wondering how long will it take to get Abs and Muscles?
A: Depends on your diet (low fat, low calorie), the exercises (weight training AND cardio) you do, and most importantly, genetics.

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