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Does creatine make you stronger

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Although its role in the energy production process is its most notable trait, there's evidence that it can stimulate muscle growth [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-creatine-make-you-stronger ]
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Does Creatine make you stronger.....?
yes absolutely give u more energy.. and more strength to workout harder... it adds to your ATP in the muscles.. forcing u to grind out more reps... the best creatine supplments are the ones easiest to break down.. such as krealkaline..
How does creatine make you stronger?
Just a little bit of looking around this site goes a long way. . . http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=100831 (Or, from here, click <-Back, then select the Sticky titled "All your creatine questions answered in here"...
Does creatine make you become stronger?
What creatine does is allow you to build more muscle. What it does is allow you to do more repetitions when you are lifting by increasing your stamina. When you can do more reps, you can break down more muscle. When you break down more musc...

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Does creatine make you stronger?
Q: I know it makes you look bigger but does it make you stronger and help you fight after you get bigger and lift? Because I need to get better at fighting because thats the way it is out hurr.
A: i guess it can give you energy to make you stronger but not realy for stonger effect but for bigger result of your muscle.
does creatine make you look stronger??
Q: does creatine make you look stronger in say a week and if it does , does it make you look fat or alot more muscular or a little muscular ---- im just wonderingi workout 4 times a week at gym
A: Creatine will not make you look stronger in a week. It takes a week just to "load" the creatine. Once loaded, drink with apple juice. Almost any juice really except orange juice.Creatine is an excellent supplement to your bodybuilding routine and will pump up your muscle cells.
will the combo of whey protein and creatine make me stronger and faster?
Q: I want to get faster and stronger and im wondering if gaining weight with whey and creatine will only hurt me during track season or if it could do some good.
A: olympic runners take creatine. it help with speed strenght and many other things. it is all natural too. its produced in your body. everyone is so skeptical about it just drink plenty of water and make sure you cycle 2 months on and 1 month off. it will definitely improve your performance(expecially if you have never taken it before) i suggest just buying some ON Gold STandard 100%whey(by far the best protein) and mix a teaspoon of GNC creatine monohydrate. it is super cheap $11 should get you 2 months worth. its also proven unlike a lot of new creatine blends. just mix it with shake and take after workout. you can load it if you want(10g for 5days) then start taking just 5 g a day

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