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Does a slimmer belt work

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The reviews are good on a slimmer belt but a lot of them say that it mainly works for water weight. The belt makes you sweat. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-a-slimmer-belt-work ]
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Do slimming belts work?
Browsing through the various auctions for slimming belts (including the incredible proliferation of the vastly inferior 'sauna belts') you'll often see the claim that 10 minutes use of a slimming belt is equivalent to 600 sit-ups. This is, ...
Does the Bally Fit Gear Slimmer Belt Work?
complete waste of money, you can't spot reduce subcutaneous fat stores. it it does is cause the temporary loss of water.
Does the Asian hot pink sauna slimming belt work?
No it's a gimmick that's been around for years. You can't "melt" fat away. Weight loss is accomplished through dehydration and only temporary, once you rehydrate the weight comes right back. What these devices do is increase your ...

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Does the Slimmer Belt actually work?
Q: I just recently puchased a slimmer belt from a sports store. Its suppose to make your waist slimmer while you are exercising. Has anyone ever been lucky with this belt? How will it take before you start seeing results?Do I suppose to put it over my clothes or can I put it directly on my waist area, my skin? Just curious?
A: if by work you mean wastes your money? then yes it works
Has anyone tried the magnetic slimmer belt and does it work?
A: Those are gimmicks. What works is proper diet and exercise. Many times they will market these products and then by the time people find out it does not work these people got their money and are out of the business. This happens so many times.Workout with weights and look into diet and exercise as your key to lose weight and to make yourself more tone and slimmer.JJwww.bestabexercisesonline.comhttp://fatloss.dinksrus.com
Does the Bally Fit Gear Slimmer Belt Work?
Q: i just bought a bally slimmer belt, you know the waist strap that makes your stomach smaller b/c it makes your mid section sweat and it also supports your back. does anyone know if it works??
A: complete waste of money, you can't spot reduce subcutaneous fat stores. it it does is cause the temporary loss of water.

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