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Do you lose weight in a steam room

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The loss of weight through excess sweating as experienced in the sauna/steam room is not fat but water. Let's ChaCha it up! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-lose-weight-in-a-steam-room ]
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Would the sauna and steam room help me lose weight on my face??
Saunas and steam rooms make you sweat, and they feel good, but sweat has nothing to do with fat. Sweat is your body's way of shedding excess heat by evaportation. Fat is your body's way of storing excess fuel. You get rid of it by eating le...
How to Use a Sauna & Steam Room to Lose Weight
・ 1 Set up a visit to a sauna and meet with a member of the staff to discuss your weight loss goals. Many... ・ 2 A twice-per-week visit is typically sufficient for beginners. Schedule sessions for 30 minutes a day... ・ 3 Since the body is b...
yea it helps you lose water weight but once your done you gain it back pretty fast

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Can a person lose weight sitting in a jacuzzi or hot steam room?
Q: I was wondering when you sit in a hot jacuzzi and steam room if you lose any weight because you are sweating so much.
A: thats just water you are losing, not fat and calories from your body, that requires exercise or lipo. You will quickly gain the lost water back after u eat and drink more food.
Will a steam room make one lose weight?
Q: Will a steam room make you lose weight and what is the benefits and positive points of relaxing in a steam room after gymming?
A: Short answer yes, but not for good reasons.Steam will make you sweat, therefore you will lose water weight.But you will need to replenish that water so you don't have side-effects from too little hydration.But steam is crazy good for relaxing your muscles and cleaning your pores. So enjoy steam, but drink water after.
Do you lose weight by going to the steam room or sauna?
Q: I am very slim and dont want to lose any weight but want to go to a steam room or sauna for my skin. I was also wondering what effect it will have on my hair as it is frizzy?
A: temporary yes as you lose water weight but once you drink some water then you gain it backso the answer to your question is NO not real weightx

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