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Do you loose weight by pooping

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Yes you lose some weight but it's a very small amount of your total body mass index. - Thank you for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-loose-weight-by-pooping ]
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Does pooping a lot make you loose weight?
Yes it does but if your having like diarrhea a lot then that's not good because you loose other things along with the diarrhea and you can become dehydrated. Hope this helps!
When you poop do you loose weight right away?
well of course. whatever weight of the poop is, thats how much is gone from your body. same with pee, nurses will measure how much liquid intake you are getting and how much is being expended. it should be nearly identical. as a fun experim...
How should my ball python's poop look like?(I think he is loosing...?
all of mine is black/brown with some white and they are ALL healthy. im at work so i cant provide a picture right now. but if you can visibly see your snakes spine, it could be in danger. i believe you when you say you feed it right. but ...

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can you loose weight from pooping?
Q: honestly do you loose weight everytime you go?
A: yes. and you gain weight every time you eat or drink.
What are some ingredients to a drink that can make you poop alot and loose weight?
Q: Hi, I am trying to loose weight atleast 20-30 pounds in 2 months. I know its probably impossible to loose that much, but please I need some ingredients to a drink that will make me poop and pee alot so I can loose some weight! PLEASE HELP! Thank you very much.....:)
A: Try get food poisoning. It will make you shit all day, non stop, and piss at the same time: Diarrhea. It's like magic :D It probably won't make you lose 30 pounds in 2 months though lol lol.
how many calories a day should i eat to loose weight fast?
Q: and do you kno if pooping makes u loose weight?
A: depends how old you areim 13 i have about 300-400 cals a dayi know it sound badbut it works for meid say about 1000-1500so you can still eat quite alot aslong its not high in calsif it is high then youu cant eat as much that dayjust make sure you calorie count okay ? :) and pooping can do someone across the road from mewas quite chubby but shes thin nowand only because she had a problem with poopinglike wenever she ate it just went thru herso no fat was stored it just went straight downhope it helps youu andd good luck mate :)xo

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