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Do you burn more calories when you have your period

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No, You do not multiply or fade away more calories, simply because of your menstruation period. ChaCha again. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-burn-more-calories-when-you-have-your-period ]
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Do women burn more calories during their period??
According to a study I recently read, women tend to burn slightly more calories 7 to 10 days prior to the 1st day they begin to menstruate. Their basal metabolism is slightly higher at that point. However, your basal metabolism on the first...
Does your body burn more calories while you are on your period??
Not so much unfortunately... Your body does lose additional nutrients during menstruation especially calcium, iron, and potassium. But blood & tissue expelled doesn't equate to fat loss.Your appetite may even increase causing you to eat...
Do women burn/need more calories during their period??
Be aware that your hormones are cycling at this time and that you can also be a bit anaemic due to the loss of blood. If you eat more red meat at this time and try to avoid the sugar. Sugar gives you a temporary high and then drops you flat...

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Does your body burn more calories when you have your period?
A: No. You do not multiply or decrease calories, simply because of menstruation. However; menstruation may cause you to act a certain way which may cause you to become more lazy or listless, which will add up the caloric intake if you are not being as active as usual. Or, if your period causes you to feel more energetic ( for some odd reason) You may burn a little more with your burst of energy. But in general, no. A period will not cause a ncrease in caloric burn.
Do you burn calories faster when you have your period?
Q: My mom told me this was true, but I'm a little skeptical of it. Any one know if this is just a myth?
A: id def think its a myth!!! been having periods for 17yrs and never heard that one before or had that benefit from a period
How many extra calories do you burn when you have your period?
Q: How many extra calories a day does a woman burn during their menstraul cycle?... This is a serious questionThanks in advance =o)
A: I was wondering that a while back and had found this: http://www.weightwatchers.com/util/art/index_art.aspx?tabnum=1&art_id=42321&sc=801I had trouble finding any credible proof anywhere (mostly just frustrated girls in weight loss forums). But the above link is off the Weight Watchers site, and they seem to cite a few studies in the article. It seems as if your metabolism does rise a little bit during your period but not by too much. I don't think it gives the amount of calories burned, but you can assume that your body's (small) increase in metabolism will have a slight affect. If your feeling a bit heavier around that time (like the article mentioned) it's likely to be because of water retention. Hope that helps! =]

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