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Can I get rid of belly fat by doing crunches or sit ups

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Yes, Sit ups and crunches both help get rid of belly fat. A healthy diet is also important in stomach fat. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-i-get-rid-of-belly-fat-by-doing-crunches-or-sit-ups ]
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Will doing sit ups/crunches help me get rid of stomach fat??
Doing the crunches (or any ab exercise) won't directly cause you to lose fat in that region. However, doing the crunches will increase your muscle strength and definition in that area. But, if you want those abs to show you have to take a f...

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Is there a good way to get rid of belly fat (in addition to sit-ups and crunches)?
Q: Sit ups and crunches are good, but I've heard they only build muscle UNDER the fat you already have...and only attribute to minimal fat burning.What exercises can be done to SPECIFICALLY burn belly fat?
A: OK something that is right up my alley....My mother is Hungarian...we are prone to the belly...got mine around 40 and the little sucker stayed with me UNTIL....I got some fantastic advice from my doctor...I HAD TRIED EVERYTHING......This actually worked and I lost 23lbs on top of the joy of loosing the tummy...SERIOUSLY...That darn Danon Immunity in the tiny bottles in the yogurt section, get the strawberry/vanilla is yuck....tastes great and I nail one of those after my major meal of the day (for me that is lunch)...it has the stuff that your body does not make anymore to fight belly fat...I can't believe they do not advertise it for that...worked for me, my daughter, my stepmother AND my son....try it...it is amazing....And Sunshine is right...layoff the icecream everyday....BUT I DO STILL EAT THE THINGS I WANT, just had fried chicken for lunch...and still lost the weight..other rule of thumb...anything you want before 2:00 in the afternoon...then after that eat a little more sensibly....you know Peanut Butter Sandwiches are great little pick me ups...I tell ya it worked...I get tons of compliments.....take care and GOOOOOOD LUCK. I know what it is to fight with that. AldaP.S. you are right about the sit ups other than my tummy I did not have any body fat and sit ups only made it worse.
Sit ups or crunches the get away my belly fat?
Q: Im 13 and I usually do sit ups ( around 500 a day) I was wondering if sit ups or crunches will get rid of my lower belly fat ( below my belly button). I know some of the answers will be that i shouldnt worry about my fat cause im really young but I really want to get rid of it. I used to be fit b4 but this summer I got lazy and quit my soccer team. PLZ HELP!!! :D P.S im a boy
A: What's up?You'll be better off if you learn this lesson early.Sit ups don't give you a flat stomach, eating well, working out, and having a low body fat gets rid of belly fat.Check out this page on getting six pack abs. It shows you what you should do.By the way junk food puts fat on your stomach.
Will i lose belly fat by doing crunches and situps?
Q: I am not overweight i just have a little belly fat i am trying to get rid of the fat and gain muscle will crunches and sit ups do this for me?
A: Nope, not at all, and i cant believe everyone here said you can. You need a very low body fat content to reduce belly fat. It is one of the places where fat is stored most easily. if you want to see your abs you need approximately 8% or under body fat for a male, 14% or under for a female. Weight lifting of course is very good for building the muscle your body needs to burn off fat reserve and it burns calories itself working out and running around. You need a pretty hardcore training program and a heathly diet to lose your belly fat. good luck!

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