What to Expect at a Weight Loss Camp

by on September 5th, 2010
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Choosing a weight loss camp can be a difficult task. You may not know what to look for in such a camp or what questions to ask. Considering the facts about weight loss camps can help you make an informed decision. You have a right to expect a responsible, safe and fun weight loss experience.

Experts agree that the most effective way to reach a healthy weight is to follow a sensible eating plan and exercise regularly. Weight loss camps should promote healthy behaviors that help you lose weight and sustain your weight loss over time. Safe and effective weight loss camps should include:

Healthy eating plans that cut calories but don’t rule out particular foods or food groups Organized physical activity Sports play and exercise instruction Teaching and guidance with healthy behavior changes A platform to build the confidence you need for success A plan to maintain the weight loss after camp


Weight loss camps influence kids at a crucial point in their lives when weight issues are still in the early stages. Concentrating on nutrition rather than dieting and weight loss brings about the desired weight loss goals without deprivation. Teaching kids how to make healthy choices gives them the necessary tools to stay in control throughout their lives. By focusing on nutrition and healthy food choices, weight loss camps help kids lose weight successfully.


With so many options for weight loss camps, making a decision is tough. Look for camps that focus on choice as a weight loss tool. Programs that are too rigorous and regimented make the experience feel more like work and less like fun. Physical activity choices, food options and even appropriate dessert selections can make kids feel like they are in control of their own bodies. Feeling comfortable with multiple options and having control will support permanent weight loss results.

Scales and Weigh-Ins

Overweight kids hate stepping on the scale as much as overweight adults. The scale reminds us regularly of failed attempts at weight loss or maintenance. The scale is not the issue for most kids, however. For most kids, the issue is a combination of lack of physical activity and too much junk food. Add all those behaviors together and make kids step on a scale – and, well, disaster is likely. Weight loss camps that focus on positive reinforcement rather than scale numbers make kids feel successful with every step they take toward the goal of better health.

Food Preparation

Weight loss camps for kids teach not only about good nutrition, they also teach about healthy preparation. In our fast-food society, it’s a challenge for kids to make intelligent choices about how food is cooked. Teaching kids that it’s not always about what they eat, but how it’s prepared is a great way to empower their future health goals. Choosing foods that are grilled and fresh as opposed to fried and processed keeps kids alert to food preparation and its impact on weight loss.

Weight Maintenance Tools

Good weight loss camps don’t just send home lighter kids. Kids who attend quality weight loss camps come away with the essential tools for continued success. Identifying the factors in children’s everyday lives that contribute to weight problems is the first step to permanent change after camp. Learning what nutritious food looks like – whether at home, school or the shopping mall – empowers kids to make good selections whenever they sit down to meals or snacks. Weight loss camps give kids strategies to use to keep their weight loss success permanent and their feet on the road to a healthier mind, body and self-image.

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