This Place [Henry]

by on March 7th, 2015
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Of what was like a wink of an eye, I’m back

As if to keep a promise and a pact

In this place, savaged and abandoned by time

The wind conveys the same echoes & whine

I met the ghost of my old self again

Coaxing by the joys and sorrows of what was then

Though it has just been from countless years

Memories revived the taunting heartaches and fears

And the smiles that once brightened our young days

Came drifting back as if to daze

Remembering you were here with me before

And back here alone paves way for sorrow to linger even more

Finding solace under the great oak, where we once carved our names

Guilt still ignites my body into flames

Raindrops surrendered to the lake, while I watched the evanescence

Perhaps the water became as it should be, weary of my presence

Now hurdling swiftly with the current,

As if to mask the hidden fury from that very moment

I gawk at the same element in which your life succumbed to

And I question why from where I’m standing, the skies are still blue?

My heart is pleading silently to be free of you,

But the uncertainty is my greatest foe

This unfathomed love has shackled me to this place

That neither time nor space has the power to erase

This uncanny place so thrown and twisted,

Is the only incessant reminder that this love ever existed

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