The Walls

by on October 3rd, 2010
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The walls come closer,
nothing i could do to stop them.
the lights grows dimmer,
nothing i could do to brighten them.

deep within myself i start to cry,
nothing i can do, why oh why.
i let out a scream,
does anyone hear.

you will survive,
you will come through.
is planted deep within me ,
though i do not know
what to do.

“Push” i hear,
from somewhere afar.
“Push now! my child,
with all your heart.

I do as I hear,
yet the walls only close in more.
the lights go out,
oh help me Lord.

“Push my child”

i take a deep breathe,
with all my might.
i push.
with ease the walls move away,
the lights get brighter.

“Oh thank you Lord”.
“Oh thank you Lord”.

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