The Top Five Things to Do in Boulder, Colorado

by on December 7th, 2010
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Less than an hour from the city of Denver is Boulder, Colorado, home of the University of Colorado. The city sits below the mountains, offering a beautiful landscape from downtown. You will find plenty to do in this city filled with restaurants, distilleries, wineries, parks, stores and entertainment.

Enjoy the Food
Let the college students take over the chain restaurants and head downtown to a foodie’s paradise. The word around here is “fresh” and you will find establishments filled with local organic food. This is done to perfection at Salt The Bistro, where fruits and vegetables are intermingled for memorable dishes such as the Peach Flatbreads.

Plan a pre-dinner stop at The Bitter Bar, where you will find irresistible Crispy Brussels Sprouts leaves with togarashi and sea salt, as well as a cocktail menu that’s a combination of the unusual and vintage. Then go to The Mediterranean for dinner. The only problem you will have with the food is deciding what to order. Go for the tapas and pick a selection, including the Wild Boar & Avalanche Cheddar Empanada with Tzatziki.

Sample the Wine & Spirits
Every state in the U.S. now produces wine and Boulder is home to a few of Colorado’s best known wineries. Head to Boulder Creek Winery to sample some Merlot, visit Settembre Cellars (or have them deliver wine to you by bicycle) or forgo the grapes for honey at Redstone Meadery.

The artisan spirits movement is growing in Colorado and Boulder is a prime example of that. Take a ride to Boulder Distillery where you will find 303 Vodka, 303 Whiskey and Rob’s Mountain Gin. From the vodka made from potatoes and infused with various fruits and vegetables (pickle is a must try) to the herb filled gin Rob makes, get ready to sample. Then make sure before you leave Boulder you also get to Roundhouse Spirits to taste some Barrel Aged Gin.

Hike the Mountains
You will find more than 43,000 acres of open space in Boulder that is owned by the city and available for the public. Follow the mountain range to Chautauqua for some of the most scenic hiking you will find. The city of Boulder provides detailed maps with hiking trails for every level and time-frame. Use the guides provided to learn more about the plant, animal and bird life.

Naturalists also provide complimentary guided hikes if you prefer. Biking is allowed on some of the Chautauqua trails.

Go Shopping
Downtown Boulder offers a huge assortment of shopping options. Browse through the antique and vintage shops; look for fine jewelry; purchase designer apparel; or check out the artwork for sale. Boulder is filled with both eclectic and mainstream shopping. Before Crocs had over 100 stores worldwide, they had one in Boulder, where it still remains.

Take in the Culture
Despite the small town feel, Boulder has the culture of a big city. Enjoy the music of the Boulder Chamber, Symphony or Philharmonic Orchestra. Take in a performance of the Boulder Ballet. See a show at the Dairy Center for the Arts, or spend the day at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

Each February, the Boulder International Film Festival comes to town. Actors and directors from all over the world bring their films to this Colorado town.

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