The Gift

by on September 18th, 2010
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You can give me candy,
Or cashmere nice and sound.
All I really, really want,
In a store it can’t be found.

You can give me money,
You can give me things.
All I really, really want,
Is something that will make me sing.

I want to wake up next to you,
And slowly make love, it’s true.
I want this every day, my love
I will never get enough of you.

To live apart is so horrific,
If you were near, it would be terrific.
From breakfast morn ’till dinner time,
To be with you would just be fine.

Don’t like living without you near,
Sometimes I feel like sheding a tear.
To meet you only now and then,
I want to ask you, when, when when.

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