Successful Horror Movie Remakes

by on January 2nd, 2015
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Remakes abound in Hollywood. Some tried-and-tested movie franchises even get more than a single remake and a number of sequels. Some of these franchises come from original ideas, while others are actually adaptations from books, graphic novels, TV series, video games, and other sources. Some of the most legendary horror movies that already produced successful remakes include “King Kong,” “The Fly,” “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” and “Cat People.”

“King Kong”

The giant ape now known around the world as King Kong debuted on the big screen in 1933. Since the release of this original “King Kong” film, this character has become a highly influential name and personality for many other horror and monster movies coming after it. During the 1930s, it offered a necessary escape for people facing the Great Depression. In no time, Kong became a legendary character, spawning many sequels, remakes, spoofs, tributes, and other inspirational works. So far, there are seven official “King Kong” movies, inclusive of remakes and sequels.

“The Fly”

The striking horror film “The Fly” was originally released in 1958, and was followed by two sequels. It came back to the big screen with a successful 1986 remake, which was followed by another sequel. This sci-fi horror piece tells the story of a scientist whose experiments go horribly wrong and result in a man’s transformation into a man-fly. Amidst the varying eras when the movies were produced, the “fly” character in this horror franchise proved to be unforgettable and horrifying for all its releases.

“Invasion of the Body Snatchers”

“Invasion of the Body Snatchers” was first shown on the big screen in 1956. The said initial offering was based on the 1955 Jack Finney novel “The Body Snatchers.” Its first remake was released in 1978, then another one in 1993, its title shortened to “Body Snatchers.”

So far, the franchise’s last remake was released in 2007 and the film was simply titled “The Invasion.” This tried-and-tested material features the story of invading alien seeds that replace sleeping people with alien duplicates. The first screen adaptation, often considered the most critically acclaimed, was selected for preservation in the Library of Congress’ United States National Film Registry.

“Cat People”

The psychological horror film “Cat People” was first released in 1942, then a sequel followed two years after. Its remake was released in 1982, which retained the franchise’s original title. Its basic story revolves around a beautiful woman who turns into a ferocious human-cat when sexually aroused. This sexy and moody horror piece suggests some sly commentary about the psychological elements and taboos related to people’s desires.

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