Should We Give Madonna “Luv” for Her New Single?

by on December 20th, 2010
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Lately, Madonna has been on the news for recent controversies, which isn’t much of a surprise to anyone. Recently, she called Lady GaGa’s single “Born This Way” ‘reductive’, or in other words crudely simplistic. She is also having issues with anti-drug groups for naming her new album M.D.N.A (which is similar to MDMA, the initials for ecstasy.) It seems to me that she’s striking this controversy at an opportune time for people to notice that she is putting out a new album. “Give Me All Your Luvin’ ” is Madonna’s newest single, off of M.D.N.A. and I two main things that stick out to me about it: one, it’s very catchy and fun, and two, it’s a very generic pop song.

When you listen to GMAYL, you are instantly taken back to the 60’s (in fact, Madonna’s styles and hair in the music video seems to be inspired by such.) With it’s groovy guitar riffs and far out synths, it becomes an infectious and dance-able jam. The lyrics appear to have themes of love and dancing and a tinge of promiscuity. The chorus is very catchy as it keeps you humming and singing even if the song isn’t playing. Nicki’s verse comes in the near the breakdown and comes and goes in two seconds (which bothers me because I enjoy Nicki Minaj.) During the dubstep-influenced breakdown, M.I.A. spits her verses during the breakdown, but they don’t seem to have the same life as Nicki’s words, and just feels like lyrical filler to the song. This song is great for dancing, but I’m not quite sure it’s club-material, it’s more electropop-rock.

That said, this new single is very generic. I find this rather ironic because Madonna had just finished calling Lady GaGa’s song ‘reductive’ and mid-song she sings “All the records sound the same” yet this song itself sounds very similar to other songs. The guitars and 60’s influences sound like they’ve been heavily influenced by “Bohemian Like You,” by The Dandy Warhols. Also, the lyrics feel like something Avril Lavigne would sing, like “Girlfriend.” The dubstep-influenced breakdown has been seen in many hits of our past year, and while I enjoy it, it’s getting rather bland and predictable. Finally, collaborating with rap artists is another common trait in our music today. This song may chart well but that will probably be because it follows the same formula as today’s Top 40 music: dance-able simplicity.

Ultimately, this song is a very fun and groovy jam, and I can’t wait for the full album and her performance at the Superbowl. Madonna is a great artist that I can’t wait to see what she’ll bring to the table, and I hope that it will be a little experimental, seeing as she’s working with William Orbit on some of the album. Basically, if you want a pop-rock 60’s influenced dance tune, check this song out!

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