Please Pay Me so I Can Pay Them and They Can Pay You!

by on October 5th, 2015
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I made a list the other day of everybody that I owe money to. There are the usual credit cards, the loan payments, the utility bills and a few more that round out the list. I make payments as I can, but like many Americans I’m struggling to keep everyone happy on their time table versus on when I actually get paid. It’s a frustrating process to go through every month.

Rent is due on the first, but payday is the fifth.

Credit card is due on the 15th, but payday is the 20th.

You all know the game – and millions of Americans are juggling their finances around the kitchen table every night just to get by. Heaven forbid an unforeseen expense pop up, because – for many families – the emergency fund is long gone.

Since I made a pretty comprehensive list of who I owe money to, I thought it was only fair to make a list of people who owe me money as well. Whether it was a family member who borrowed $40 five years ago to pay their electric bill, or a friend who borrowed $500 to start a business 20 years ago — the list just kept getting longer and longer.

Some of them have made little payments over the years. Most have forgotten or defaulted on a pledge to pay me back long ago. The crazy thing is that if every one of them paid me, I’d have enough to pay everyone I owe. How’s that for a kick in the pants?

It makes me wonder how many other people could do exactly the same thing. And, here’s one to ponder: if the U.S. collected everything that other countries owe us, would we have a national debt at all?

I’m certainly not the federal government, but I am tired of sitting around wondering how to juggle my payments every month. I’m going to make some calls today and see who wants to pay me what they owe me. That way, I might be able to pay you what I owe you.

Here’s to my success.

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