In the Woods

by on September 3rd, 2010
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I was sitting in the woods, a cold wind against my back
My bow rested on my knee, the arrows poised for attack

The leaves rustled in the wind and the trees swayed to and fro

An owl hooted “who,whoo,whooo?” I answered “I don’t know”

I looked over through the fog-ridden air and through the trees I see

The sun peeking through the woods looking back at me

The first sounds of life are heard as the forest awakes

The birds singing in the air the fishes jumping from the lakes

From in between the cedar trees there comes a mighty buck

I thought to myself “what a stroke of luck”

I slowly draw back my bow and take careful aim

The deer notices nothing it’s practically tame

The bow makes a loud snap as it fires it’s arrow

But the deer is too quick for me and takes off toward the woods

I knew I had missed my chance and took off my hood

While I went to retrieve my arrow the deer snickered from the trees

I knew what he was laughing at, he was laughing at me

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