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Does chocolate make you sleepy

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Having too much cacao in one go can overstimulate your central nervous system, as well as your heart and your brain. This can cause you to feel quite hyper and then drowsy at some point after consumption. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-chocolate-make-you-sleepy ]
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Does chocolate makes you sleepy?
Chocolate actually have caffeine on it and it will not make you sleepy. However, eating too much chocolate will lead to constipation.
Why does chocolate candy make you sleepy?
All the sugar wears you out . It gets you all excited then you feel worse than before, like an energy drink. They have lots of sugar also.
Does hot chocolate (coco) really make you sleep better, and if so...?
Yes, it makes you sleep better,because it makes you warm inside. When your'e warm, you are relaxed. When you're relaxed, you become sleepy.

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PLEASE ANSWER!- does chocolate cake or donuts make you sleepy?
Q: im really tired and im sick i have chocolate cake and cheap as$ donuts. which will make me sleepier, or do those things even make you sleepy? also if the answer is no, what regular household item makes you sleepy? PLEASE STAR?
A: the sugar rush from the cake and donuts will keep you awake at first but after an hour or so your blood sugar level will fall and you'll feel sluggish, but if you want to feel sleepy now try a hot bath followed by a warm drink
why does chocolate make you sleepy?
Q: It seems that every time I eat Chocolate I want to fall asleep 20 minutes later.
A: because of the sugar it gives you energy but then it takes it away
does feeding to much chocolate make your dog sleepy?
A: A few M&Ms killed my precious pug..so I guess you could say it made him sleep...chocolate overworks the heart, and causes heart failure..

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