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Will sleeping pills show in a drug test

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Sleeping pills can sometimes give you a false positive result when testing for some drugs, like marijuana. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-sleeping-pills-show-in-a-drug-test ]
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Can I take a Lunesta sleeping pill tonight if I have a drug test ...?
they usually ask you for a list of medication or prescriptions you're taking, so I would say you'll be fine.

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If you get high off sleeping pills does it show on a drug test?
Q: I got high off my sleeping pills (Ambien) will it show up on a drug test as a drug??
A: depends on what type of pill. How did you get high off a sleeping pill? Didn't it put you to sleep?If it's a benzodiazepines or a Barbiturates it will show up
Will over the counter sleeping pills show up in a job related drug test?
A: Anything the test reveals would only show legal chemicals.When a drug test is administeredthey are looking for specific substances. In other word, you won't get in troublefor legal over-the-table drugs.
Sleeping Pill Drug Test Question?
Q: I applying for a new job tomorrow, which has a mandatory drug test to make sure we aren't on anything. My question is will Zolpidem (a sleeping pill) show up on this drug test? It shouldn't matter to the boss even if it does, but just in case i would like to know.
A: My company does random drug tests.Whenever controlled substance prescription medication shows up, all they ask for his a letter from your doctor's office that he or she prescribed that to youIf it is a urine test, it might detect it because urines tests detect prescriptions medications as well as illegal substancesEven if Zolpidem shows up, as long as it was a legit prescription from your doctor, you don't have anything to worry about

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