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Will mouth wash pass you on a saliva test

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They make special mouthwash available online to help you to pass a saliva drug test, but regular mouthwash won't work. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-mouth-wash-pass-you-on-a-saliva-test ]
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Can crest mouthwash pass a saliva drug test?
I don't think this will help.Saliva tests are the hardest to manipulate by the drug user. But they detect use within the past few days. These tests are very product specific because there are no nationally accepted standards or cutoff conce...

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does mouth wash work to pass a saliva test?
A: What are you testing?
thc mouth saliva swab test?
Q: how can i insure a pass if its been three days, other than the mouth washes and such from head shops. can i drop maybe a drop of bleach in my mouth before or put a drop or two of bleach in mouth wash and wash my mouth out? anything?
A: You don't say what the swab is for, but I certainly wouldn't advice you to be swallowing or rinsing your mouth out with any form of bleach.You sound really worried so if it's to get rid of elements that shouldn't be there then maybe they shouldn't have been there in the first place.
oral drug test, will i pass ?
Q: I smoked a lil over the weekend a week ago and i have an oral drug test (saliva swab) i've been drinking a lot of cranberry juice, about a whole 2 litter full. and i drink water all the time. ive been brushing my teeth even longer and using mouth wash as often as i can. do you think i will pass ?I have a pretty fast metabolism and im average weight & height (if that matters)
A: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_pass_a_mouth_swab_drug_test_if_i_am_a_daily_user_of_marijuana Stop smoking sweetie ~ everyone does drug testing now...most of them on the spot after you turn in your application. You never know when it will happen. Just stay clean, it's not worth it to smoke pot all your life ~ you should strive for something greater because you are worth it.

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