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Why does the smoke from weed make you high

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The plant contains tetrahydracannibonol, an active ingredient which provides a state of cosmic interaction. Thanks!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-the-smoke-from-weed-make-you-high ]
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What should I smoke out of to get me the highest? little weed lef...?
WAIT! Here's what you do if you really want to get the 'highest'. Load a snap in your bong, bend over and squat down (like into a human ball), hyperventilate yourself by breathing in and out at a rapid pace until you feel a bit light-headed...
Do you get high the first time you smoke weed??
I did. I don't remember how much we smoked, though. I was baked. My two friends and I could NOT stop laughing, and we were at a party with a bunch of other people who weren't stoned. Finally we went out on the balcony so we could laugh unco...
How long do u stay high when u smoke weed?
If you are too stay high for 5 hours, the weed will have to be of extremely high quality. Something like Hawaii grown weed or a strong variety that is grown in the Pacific Northwest in the mountains of Oregon. Not much out there that will k...

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Why do i still feel high from smoking some weed yesterday?
Q: So iv been smoking weed for 4 years but recently i took a break from it for about 3 months. I just started smoking again a couple weeks ago. But a few days ago i smoked and the next day i still felt a little high then later on in the day i started feeling really high again for a while.Whats up with that? Is that normal?
A: Every time you smoke, no matter how much smoked in the past, many of the effects of THC last for 72 hours. Studies show that people who smoke a joint drive just as badly as someone with a BAC of .08. This impairment lasts for 72 hours, even if you don't feel high.
Will I become high from the weed smoke?
Q: My friends smoke weed. I usually hang out in the same room while they smoke. Will I get high? Does it show up on drug tests?
A: They have done experiments on this. In order for a person to test positive from smoke in the room, they had to lock the person in a very small room and pump in so much marijuana smoke that the person had to wear goggles just to stay in the room. Even at that, the person only barely tested positive. It is unlikely that you will get high, and less likely that you will test positive. That is, unless your friends are some king-size smokers who all gather in a small closet and burn up a pound at a time or so.
Does Eating Or Drinking Before you smoke weed affect youre high?
Q: ok so if you eat/drink right before you smoke affect your high?also if you eat on a empty stomache will you get a better high/get hight faster than if you smoked on a full stomache?Just wondering thanks!thanks smithy! and yeah f**k all those db's who think its bad...hello!?!?!??! its NOT BAD!!! goD!!!
A: Loookk ok some people think smokein weed is bad HELL NA and people say oh u smoke weed ur a bad person I smoke a lot and my birthday is on 4 20 1993 so people dat dnt like to smoke weed shut the hell up dearly jose.....p.s. SMOKE WEED

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