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Why does smoking marijuana get you high

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Smoking marijuana causes some changes in the brain that are like those caused by cocaine, heroin, and alcohol. ChaCha back! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-smoking-marijuana-get-you-high ]
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Can smoking marijuana weekly get a person high??
You can develop a tolerance, but you can always still get high. To build up a really strong tolerance you need to smoke lots of pot numerous times a day, not suggested.
Can you smoke marijuana and not get high?
After you've been smoking a while, it doesn't get you high (which is why you have to smoke more) And for all those people out there who have smoked with me and said you weren't high, you're full of sh*t.
Why dont i get high from smoking marijuana?
The lot of you need to grow up and pull your heads out your butt and educate yourself before you open your mouths. Where not in church or school or your parents house. "don't do drugs, there bad! you'll die!" psshhh yea maybe that...

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why does my heart beat fast when im high on smoking marijuana? is that bad? can it kill you?
Q: why does my heart beat fast when im high on smoking marijuana?
A: A side effect of marijuana is a slightly increased heart rate. This isn't something you should be concerned about as it's not harmful. It doesn't cause palpitations or murmurs or anything like that. Just a slightly increased heart rate for a little while, nothing more, nothing less.The current death toll directly due to marijuana ingestion: 0
Why dont i get high from smoking marijuana?
Q: I smoke weed everyday like a quarter ounce a day and i was wondering why i dont get high anymore. When i first started smoking pot about 8 months ago it was amazing the feeling but now its nothing why is this?
A: You've developed a tolerance, which means that you have to smoke more to get the same effect you experienced before. You could also take a break from it for a while in order to lessen your tolerance (I don't know how long that would have to be).
Does smoking a cigarette after you smoked marijuana make your high better? ?
Q: Heard from a friend that it increases it 18%.. always wondered if it really does.
A: Haha what a random number. No, but it might make it a little bit longer.

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