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Why does smoking make me have to poop

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There is currently no credible scientific evidence to suggest smoking makes you poop. Do you eat much before you smoke? Cha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-smoking-make-me-have-to-poop ]
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Does smoking make you poop?
A friend told me that cigarettes are cut with baby laxatives among a million other things. Whether this is true I don't know but I've also experienced that got to go feeling after I lit up. Maybe the cigarette industry and charmin are in on...
Can smoking weed make you poop more?
The green part, no. Must be the split green pea soup you ate. As far as the desire to poop, sure happens to me. Especially when I smoke early in the morning.

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Why does smoking cigarettes sometimes make you have to poop?
A: LOL that is funny but true I don't know why but sometimes when I have to go but can't I smoke while in the bath room and it helps
Why does drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette make ya have to go poop?
A: Caffeine & Nicotine are both diuretics.
Does smoking ciggarettes make some people have to poop after I smoke some times i Have to pinch one off?
Q: Is this normal?
A: Yes. Nicotine stimulates your body and your inner workings start moving things along.

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