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Why does alcohol make you poop

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The alcohol absorbed by our body makes it hard to absorb water, in turn causing an out-pour of water into our intestinal MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-alcohol-make-you-poop ]
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Why does alcohol make me poop weird poops?
It's the Beer Shits. Totally normal. Especially after a night of heavy drinking + White Castle.
Does getting drunk and consuming a lot of alcohol make your poop ...?
Course it can, eating or drinking anything in copious amounts will have an effect on your poo.(shape, size, texture, smell)
Does sugar alcohol make you have to poop?
Sugar alcohols can have a laxative effect, so one should watch how much they consume. See Related Links.

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Why does alcohol make you poop the next morning?
Q: Why does alcohol make you poop the next morning as soon as you wake up? Ive noticed this when i drink chabelas (beer with clamato, lemon, salt and spices) or mixed drinks. I wake up with an upset stomach and run straight to the bathroom. Does anyone know why this happens?What if the runs last a whole day?
A: when you pee you just pee out the alcohol part of the drinks the rest of the drink stays in your stomache and soaks into your poop.lol ... then in the morning it says let me out of here!!!!!
why when i have drunk alcohol does it make me need to poop?
A: The day after it will, alcoholic drinks are food. Normally it's just more poop than normal but if you imbibe vodka or sometimes even cider then you will have diarrhoea.Oh if you mean the same day. Alcohol is also a stimulant in moderate doses which if you were particularly sensitive to it would cause this to happen.EDIT: I don't know why these trivials are giving me a thumbs down. Maybe they simply don't know any better.The person below that states it is a poison is right but that is all they are right about. They are wrong that it is not also a food. Alcohol has a calorie value, 7 per gram. It's a food substance used as a high preference energy source by your body.Alcoholic drinks also contain other foods like hops, apples, potatoes, etc.This is where the bulk of the poop comes from.
Why does my Poop turn green after I drink a lot of Alcohol?
Q: Ya thats the jist of it.
A: Bile is green, as the body take the nutrients out of food the bile turns brown a process in which is normal, when food is digested quickly the bile is in raw form and is still green. It may also depend on what you have eaten...

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