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Why do people choose to smoke, do drugs, and drink alcohol

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Many teens see smoking and drinking as an adult thing to do, and they may be influenced by friends or movie heroes and heroines. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-choose-to-smoke%2C-do-drugs%2C-and-drink-alcohol ]
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Why do young people use drugs, abuse substances or drink alcohol??
They are curious about them, they want to break the rules, to relax, to escape reality, to cope with difficult situations or feelings, because they enjoy them, because their friends do it.
Why do people smoke drug and drink alcohol?
lol..i think people do it to just waste time, i dont drink or smoke and i go to college and i work, so i can imagine that since people who drink or smoke have nothing else to do. i don't really know but thats my opinion since i dont do thos...
Do you view people who drink alcohol/smoke/use drugs as weak??
sometimes people do it to get away from the stress of life. sometimes addiction can be accidental and most of the times it's not intentional at all. i veiw them as people struggling with something they don't know how to handle. sometimes, p...

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how can someone choose alcohol over drugs?
Q: ok, i work with numerous people who drink alcohol a least once a week, and a few who indulge in drugs (myself being one of them) and really aside from the fact that you can get high without killing brain cells (marijuana, opiates/painkillers, and any psychedelic for that matter) they say they have all "outgrown" "drugs"...?what the hell does that mean? as you get older if you have to get ****** up at least do it in a manner that won't decrease your intellect or sterilize brain tissue. i've never smoked, but will on occasion pop a vicodin or shroom knowing i'm not giving myself the brain damage inclusive to taking a shot of jack daniels (which so many of my older co-workers do every day).how do you explain this and do you agree alcohol is a cheap/dangerous way to get a buzz?
A: booze is legal and accepted by adults.people "outgrow" drugs mainly because most don't feel the need to get that ****** up anymore. People just want to burn off some stress and have a little fun at the same time.
Why do so many people refuse to take care of themselves?
Q: Why do so many people refuse to take care of themselves? The CDC says overweightness and obesity in America is now a pandemic. And though smoking is on the decline, alcohol abuse and drug abuse is rising. I don't understand. Wheather you are religious or not, you have to know that you only have one shot at life on this planet, so why do so many abuse their health and bodies? Even with scientific evidence and proof without a doubt, people still eat too much, smoke too much, drink too much and abuse drugs. Every one of which is a CHOICE. Why do people CHOOSE to destroy their health, bodies and minds?
A: All those choices pay off in the short term, and for that reason alone, many people are willing to trade that with long term health.It takes a certain level of maturity in order to look past the present and into the future, to take into account what consequences will arise from your actions 5, 10, etc years down the road.
Why do some l i b s wish to ban the following?
Q: SmokingAlcoholunrestricted access to "fast" foodBut seem to be in favor of:Legalized potAbortionLegalized drugsForced conservationThey argue for the above because it's their "right".However the argue against the first items because it's "Bad". What about the rights of individuals who choose to smoke tobacco,drink booze,and eat at Micky D's?
A: Simple - It's their way or the highway! And, that is today's liberal.

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