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Why do people burn the filter on a cigarette

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IT loosen the fiber glass that's inside the filter & when you inhale, you allowing more nicotine into your blood stream. ChaCha!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-burn-the-filter-on-a-cigarette ]
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Why do people burn (lightly) the filter end of cigarettes??
It is usually a drunken mistake. Unless you've seen someone do it on purpose for a reason, then the answer is they are f**king wierd.
Does burning off the tip of the cigarette filter do anything??
Filtered, unfiltered, and "burnt" cigarettes all cause cancer equally. Your friend doesn't know what he is talking about.

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Why do some people burn the filter end of a cigarette just a little bit? What does it do?
Q: I've seen a couple people just lightly singe the filter end before lighting, and I was wondering why.
A: Well, it's mostly done to Newports. You burn the filter to loosen the fiber glass that's inside the filter and when you inhale, you lightly cut your lungs allowing more nicotine into your blood stream. Also, it gives the Newport or Menthol cigarette a better more pleasant taste IMO.
Is it safe to smoke a cigarette w/ a burnt filter?
Q: Is it? I was going to smoke a cigarette today but I accidentally lit the wrong side (don't ask) is it OK if I still smoke it with the burnt filter?PLEASE don't say all smoking is not safe.I don't care.
Could the heat of the smoke in a cigarette burn alveoli in the lungs when the lit is close the filter?
Q: The Temperature during drawing in the middle of the lit is: 700 C (1292 F)I think it doesn’t because if it would do that one would feel the heat in the mouth first and although that reach that much temperature we never feel much heat.
A: No. Cigarettes, even while short and being lit, do not burn alveoli. The alveoli are damaged by the accumulation of small particulates from the smoke, which attract inflammatory cells, which release various enzymes, which results in emphysema (holes in the alveoli) due to altered repair mechanisms. If you ever want to stop smoking, remember two things: one, you will miss the nicotine and the oral relaxation; and two, your "morning cough" is going to be an all-day cough for a while - your lungs need to clean up a bit. Good luck.

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