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Why am I so hungover

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A hangover usually results from excessive alcohol consumption. Next time, try hard to stay hydrated; drink water. It'll be better! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-am-i-so-hungover ]
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How can I avoid being so hungover?
Someone suggested splitting people up into groups, so there won't be so many bottles to manage. This sounds like a pretty good idea to me. If you're hardcore, you can intermingle. We could also institute a "water round". Things pr...
Why do I get hungover so easily?
Maybe it is because you can't tolerate that specific alcohol. I know I used to be able to handle vodka, but like you I just got really sick, and naucious. Now when I drink, I have rum and I don't have that reaction at all. Test the waters a...
Why am i so horny when im hungover?
I have the same issue! When i am hungover I just have to get off, I have never figured it out....what the hell, just enjoy it!

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why do I feel anxious when I am hungover?
Q: I always feel panicky and a bit freaked out If I have had lots to drink the night before?
A: When you are recovering from drinking a lot your body releases adrenalin to help your body recover.This could be part of the problem.
Why does my heart beat so fasy when I am hungover?
Q: I also get anxiety and sweaty. I drank a ton of water, but it doesnt help. What causes this? also, my veins are bulging out in my wrists.And dont say drink less. I got that part
A: drink less? drink more! pound a couple beers and some shots and you'll be feeling great in no time!
why is it when i am hungover and i have hot food i star to sweat a lot lot?
Q: and even after i shower i star to sweat?what goes on?
A: Alcohol isn't something your body wants floating around. The sweat is a way that it can secrete it out of your body. Some people drink so much but then exercise the next morning, you can literally smell the alcohol in their sweat. I recommend a mix of half water, half Gatorade to help rehydrate your body.

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