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What prescription pills get you high

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Which pills do people snort to get high? ( prescription or non)>>...?
Hi, You've gotten some good answers already. However, I disagree with the poster that said sharing drug information is bad. It is exactly this sharing of info that enlightens people and keeps them in the loop of what is going on. Ignoring t...
Why did my physician prescribe high blood pressure pills even tho...?
The cornerstone treatment for heart failure generally includes prescribed medications to help the heart pump as efficiently as possible. Some of the more common medications used to treat heart failure include: ACE Inhibitors or AR Blockers ...

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What over the counter/ easy to get prescription pills (non narcotic), will give you a high if you take alot?
Q: I need to know of any easily accessible (Over the counter) drugs, that can get me high, if taken in a large amount. Also, I can get access to prescribed meds, like when i go to the doctor for a cold or just being mildly ill, they give me prescriptions but not for narcotic drugs, so I need to know if there are any non narcotic prescription drugs that get prescribed alot(easily accessed) that can get you high.Also are there any over the counter or prescription meds i can mix together to get high?Please dont answer and tell me im pathetic or something. Only answer if you are pro drug!
A: Theres a drug called dextromethorphan in some cough medicines that might make u hallucinate, Taking ephedrine and caffine at the same time can act as a stimulant, but anything that is legal is a poor substitute for illegal drugs. You need to do alot of research before you take anything. Try erowid and some of the other drug related websites.
my dog accidentally ate my dads prescription high blood pressure pills..?
Q: My 8 month old puppy, a Cairn Terrier, had a pill capsule in his mouth this morning, it happens to be my dads high blood pressure pills. We physically saw a majority of the powder substance that was in the pill, on the ground, I guess a little bit of it dissolved in his mouth, is this harmful? He seems perfectly normal, what should I do? I cant seem to find anything on this subject online... Thanks..;
A: take him to the vet now......just because he looks okay doesn't mean he is
what prescription pills can you get high off of?
Q: like just a list would be great.i'm just wondering i would never do anything like that.
A: Getting high isn't cool. You can o'd on pills and die. Plus getting high on different stuff kills your brain cells. It is not good for you. Just trying to help you.

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