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What is worse, heroine or meth

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"The community can suffer more drastic results from 2 ice addicts than 50 heroin users who might go unnoticed," I'd say meth. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-worse%2C-heroine-or-meth ]
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Meth vs. Heroin - which is worse?
Is the high better or worse. How about getting off of it, which is worse. ... Mary Mary I will tell you what I HEARD from a heroin addict, but don't believe or agree, because I've never done heroin. But she told me that meth is all menta...
Is heroin, meth or crack worse?
Heroin itself (if totally pure) doesn't really damage your body unless you OD. Meth bores physical holes in your brain. Crack will make you think people are plotting against you and give you psychosis. They are all terribly addictive.
Which one is worse meth or heroin?
This is what someone said about this same issue "meth is all mental and heroin is all physical. Getting clean from meth is a cake-walk next to getting clean from heroin."

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Q: Everyone knows theyre all bad but im curious as to which one is the worst one to get addicted to and for what reasons???
A: i think heroine is the most addictive
Is marijuana worse on the lungs than ciggerette tobacco?
Q: Ok, when i say marijuana. i mean marijuana. No hints of meth, or heroine or whatever. Pure weed. Does weed have the same or worse effects than ciggerette tobacco. Personally i dont see how it could be. How could ciggerettes made of 4,000 different chemicals, be worse than Smoking weed? beats me.
A: http://www.jointogether.org/news/research/summaries/2007/study-says-smoking-marijuana.html
How many people have tried meth?
Q: I have never tried it and never plan on trying it. The drug scares the b-jesus out of me. But it seems to be a growing epedemic and I think a lot of people have delved in it.How does one prepare their children to go into the world up against this new society drug?And we thought heroine was bad.
A: Over 15 billion Americans have been known to try or experince this drug at one point or another in the last few years One method to ensuring your childs safety is to begin talking to them at a early age of the dangers do not coddle them by sparing them the hard facts of the dangers and health concerns this drug can inflict nor should you exclude the dangers of exparimenting in making this drug there are those who do and the end up in far more worse medical conditions that the innital one time user the chemical making of this drug is highly dangerous and often results in explosions that can if not severarly mame but kill the maker of it .. The other major thing you can to to protect your child is to ensure they are not pushed or overprotected due to this can result in the teen years of the rebellious ideals of doing the exact opposite of what is expected in them a typical example of this if a child that goes away to college and goes into binge drinking parties when at home this is so highly unacceptable they instantly rebel when away from homeMake sure your child feels comfortable in talking to you one on one about any questions or concerns they have so that you will always have their confidence in talking to them... Blessed Be

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