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What is the street price for Adderall

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Adderall can go for anywhere from $2 for 30 to $8 each. Prices vary, going up around heavy study times, like before finals. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-street-price-for-adderall ]
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What is the Street Price for a 15mg Adderall Capsule??
Why would you want to know that unless you intend to sell the drug. Dont be putting prescription drugs on the street to possible kill someone that might be allergic to it or allow someone to overdose. Greed will get you no where.
What is the price on the streets per one adderall xr 30mg ??
what thizzer said. price discussion is only allowed in one thread in the other drugs forum. closed.
What are the street prices of Adderall?
I live in college town where many people have scripts for adderall, so I can only comment on the prices of it here. if you quantity like 50 pills you can get it for 2 or 3 a pill. but if you are only buying small quantities it can run 4,5,o...

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What is the street price for Adderall XR?
Q: I'm not planning on buying it or anything!I'm just curious....
A: the person above is right....but it depends on the dose too. Also, it depends on the person who sells it, they can charge you a low price because youre close to them, or they can over charge you....ive heard of people buying $10 a pill! this is what it usually is:5mg- $1-310mg-$2-320mg- $ 3-530mg-$4-7
what is the street price of adderall?
Q: i'm being forced to take it and since i really don't want to I'm trying to sell it. What is the average street price per 10 milligrams? I have a few people willing to buy but i don't want to get ripped off.
A: One tablet goes for around 5-7$. People pop adderalls come test time because it helps you focus on tasks instead of being all over the place.
Street Price of Adderall?
Q: I'm, er...writing a report about Adderall and I'm wondering what people out there are paying to obtain it around study time. I'm sure those of you in college have a "friend" who is getting it so please let me know the following about your "friend": 1) What are they paying 2) How many milligrams 3) Brandname or generic 4) Original Adderall or the new Adderall XR (extended release) 5) What part of the country are we talking. Thanks people.
A: Get help before you get caught or strung out

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