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What is the highest THC level in marijuana

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Elephant Bud from BC Seeds claims to have a THC level of 34%. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-highest-thc-level-in-marijuana ]
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Why did my thc level go up if i haven't smoked marijuana??
well in my experience, i quit smoking when i was put on probation, at the same time i started working out more and that releases thc into the system at a quicker rate so if you increased physical activity there is your answer
Are There Ways To Increase THC Levels In Marijuana?
When you harvest the plant at that time THC is affected. THC level has increased from the 1960's era from 1 percent to 4 percent. Females and Gents have different level of tolerating THC, women have higher level than men. Read more about it...
Are these the strains to use or what? Crossbreed may be in order?...?
Now back in the good old days I heard about some stuff called Wise County Skunk. It would turn you into one of the three Stooges for about 6 hrs on two puffs. How high do the THC levels get to where the herb treats a person like that? Al...

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marijuana thc levels?
Q: what strain of marijuana does not have that high of a thc level,but will still get you a good high?
A: Less THC = less high.The question is sort of like asking what booze has little alcohol but still gets you drunk? Sure, you can drink a case of 3.2 beer, or you can take 4 shots of whiskey. Either way, you end up with the same amount of alcohol. The same is true for THC in marijuana.
If a drug test shows positive for THC level 287, how frequently is this person using marijuana?
Q: We drug tested our teenager and got a positive level of 287. She says she has only used it once or twice but this amount seems high. Is there any way to know how frequently someone has used marijuana based on this level?
A: According to federal guidelines, the cutoff level for an immunoassay test is 50ng/ml, and for a GC/MS it is 15ng/ml.The differences are because th immunoassay test is an accumulation of all thc metabolites in the system, while the GC/MS test is only looking for one specific metabolite.In either case, although not for certain, 287ng/ml would suggest more than occasional or casual usage.
Marijuana turns you into a MAD RAPIST???
Q: Okay...everyone says that marijuana should be made legal because it doesn't "harm anyone". A young man in our hometown of Mankato, Minnesota was recently shot dead by the police because he was high on marijuana while trying to rape two women in their apartment. There was a violent struggle with the three police officers who responded. Tazer guns had no effects on him. He was shot dead and given a full autopsy. State coroner says there was NO EVIDENCE of meth or other drugs in his sysytem, EXCEPT for high levels of THC (marijuana) in his system. Still think that marijuana is harmless??? Any opinions potheads?I am the "IDIOT"??? I wasn't the one who got shot to death for smoking too much pot. Do a Google Search on this topic if you don't believe me. It happened in mankato, Minnesota in Feb.2008. I challenge you to proove me wrong.WOW Gonzo !! If you spent HALF as much time doing some medical research on the harmful effects of THC on the human body as you did on this newspaper article you probably wouldn't be smoking pot.
A: This was just some f*ed up nut who happened to like smoking pot.

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