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What is the feeling of being high

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The feeling of high varies for all people. Some may feel paranoid, sleepy, or some may even feel very active. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-feeling-of-being-high ]
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What does being "High" feel like?
Depends on what kind of bud u smoking bro. Its a relaxed feeling, not really much different from smoking a cigarette just healthier & the effects last alot longer. Stop doing Pot huh? When y'all stop driving drunk & killing peopl...
How would you best describe the feeling of being high?
Being high is being in the golden zone. A place outside the physical world of space and time, looking at the universe in front of you while the sunrise shines through the trees and bushes and the warm air gently brushes against your skin as...
How do you feel about this being the first "classic" Di...?
I feel excited – it’s wonderful! I’m looking forward to all of the classic Disney animated films being on Blu-ray and SLEEPING BEAUTY is probably one of the best to go first. We truly tried to make it a work of art when we did it, and now a...

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When you are high on adderall is it the same feeling as being high on cocaine?
Q: When you are high on adderall is it the same feeling as being high on cocaine? Do you feel the same or is adderall more spread out? IS cocaine a better higher feeling?
A: Yes, and no.The mechanical actions of the drugs will lead you to think that their effects are nearly identical, although experimenting with the drugs will show slight differences.I've written numerous papers on CNS stimulants such as cocaine and amphetamine, but not until I went in-depthdid I realize just how SIMILAR these two substances are.When cocaine or amphetamine are administered to the brain, they actually activate the exact same areas of the brain. Both drugs activate the SAME mRNA's, hence deemd "CART peptides (Cocaine-Amphetamine-Regulated-Transcript).[I could go on for hours, but I'll just leave you some links] As a heavy user of both substances, though, I've seen some differences firsthand:Both substances induce euphoria, although the euphoria brought-on by cocaine seems to be more "wild", whereas amphetamine's is more "contained". What I mean by this is that BOTH drugs make you feel great, but on cocaine you are more likely to run up to someone and hug them tight, whereas on amphetamine you are more reasonable. With cocaine, you will want to do nothing but socialize, while on amphetamine you may be more inclined to clean or do homework (because of the differing psychological effects)Also, amphetamine can bring-about many effects that cocaine cannot, such as metacognition, creative or philosophical thinking, increased sense of well being, increase of goal-orientated thoughts or organized behavior and feelings of superiority. Wile cocaine's "high" is more "silly", amphetamine's will be more likely to stimulate your mind.Cocaine CAN make you feel like Superman, but when you intake a large amount of amphetamine, you'll sometimes feel a sense of grandiosity that you do not feel with cocaine...Instead of thinking you're Superman, you'll think you're God.And although both drugs will make you feel like everything's alright, amphetamine's effect of "sense of well-being" seems to feel more (for lack of a better word) legitimate. What I mean is, on cocaine you feel FANTASTIC, but you KNOW that it's just the effects of the drug, while with amphetamine, you feel like everything in your life is perfect, but it doesn't feel like a drug-induced feeling.As far as "being more spread out", Adderall certainly will last longer.The effects of cocaine will last only 15-45 minutes, depending upon the route of administration and amount of drug consumed.To answer your final question, I'd say that it depends on what you're looking for:If you're going to be at a party, and wish to be lively, moving-around all the time and possibly saying something stupid ("Hey, you're fine as hell"), then cocaine will be the better drug.If you're looking to just feel GREAT, but maybe not be SO lively, then amphetamine will be the better drug.
How would you best describe the feeling of being high?
Q: On weed...the good feeling when youre not too busy trying to keep yourself from bursting into laughter. I can find the best words to describe it, something robust yet simple and short and understandable.
A: Being high is being in the golden zone. A place outside the physical world of space and time, looking at the universe in front of you while the sunrise shines through the trees and bushes and the warm air gently brushes against your skin as you lay calmly on the ground relaxed with a smile on your face and not a single worry in the world.

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