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What is the fastest way to clean marijuana out of your body system

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O accelerate a cleansing process you can use marijuana detox product. And remember: the only way to be sure you are clean MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fastest-way-to-clean-marijuana-out-of-your-body-system ]
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What Is The Quickest Way To Clean Marijuana Out Of The Body??
lots of water, certa mixed with water, no flush niacin pills (you can get them at gnc) also dont eat anything before ur drug test like a day before. becuz the thc will stick to the fat in what u eat and u can flush ur urine quicker with no ...

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what is the fastest and safest way to clean your body's system ot thc (marijuana)?
A: Hmmmmm hard one dont smoke ha ha lots of water and fluids and one time i drank 1 liter of mt.dew and baking soda and i smoked the day before my test drank that pee three times on the 3 piss i was clean so that what i have done but good luck and keep tokin man :)
Is It True That Is You Have A Fast Metabolism THC Gets Out Of Your System Faster?
Q: Okay So I Have To Take A Urine Test In About Four Days.And I Smoked Marijuana Like A week Ago.I decided to not smoke any more.but I am wondering if it's true that TC gets out of the body faster if the persons motabolism is fast.and how to make my UA clean.Thanks.
A: Yes, it is true. THC is fat soluble, meaning it will be stored in your fat cells. Common sense tells us that higher metabolism will be beneficial in ridding your body of stored THC in the fat cells.
plzzzzz help me ,,how long will it take to get marijuana out of my system???
Q: i have been smoking for about 6 yrs like 5 times a day and i got to clean out so i can do some goverment studies for some $$$..i am 5'10 ft tall and 155 lbs just a lil body fat how long will it take me to clean marijuan a out of my system and are ther any ways to clean out faster??? i CANT take the drinks that just hide it because they drug test you like 4 time over a 7 day period ..plezz dont tell me that pot is bad for you because it grows from the earth it says right in the bible that any seed bearing plant is put here by god for us to use and ive got a few bags in my day that had alot of seeds . and dont tell me to never quit because i never will i just have to clean out long enough for the $$$ to get a ride then its right back to wake and bake every day
A: my mate went to navy and had to dry out, 3 months

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