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What is the best cush weed

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Cush weed is a type of marijuana unto itself; it's a special form of hydrophonic marijuana that's supposedly great quality. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-cush-weed ]
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What weed is better purple kush or blueberry??
purple kush is better on my mind, blueberry is also a really good bud strain..... but even better is "master kush" or "bubba kush" in those, there is at least 17% more THC then your average kush
Is orange kush good weed? and if so how much would you pay per gr...?
Any kind of kush is good. I'm no connoisseur but I know good bud. It would probably be around 20-30$ a gram based on my experiences. But if I were you, I'd go with an eighth of mids instead.

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Any weed smokers have you heard of the cush its supposed to be some good weed?
Q: cush smoking on the goodwill that cush is good im high as hellbin ladenthat firechocolatepurple
A: Yep, I'm suffering from cush-lash! Too much makes you nuts!
who can get me better weed than "cush" help please i really need it rite now im starting to understand things?
A: I mean...there's no reason to seek out better than kush
Any weed smokers have you heard of the cush what are some crazy marijuana names you heard? by the way the cush?
Q: bin laden cushthat firechocolate
A: Here are the strains I know A-ZAfghanAK-47 Amsterdam Gold B-52 BubblegumBig Bud Black Jack BlueberryBuddha California Orange Bud Chemotherapy WeedChocolateChitralChronicDurban Poison Early GirlEarly Pearl Early Skunk EuforiaFloGreat White Shark Green Spirit Hawaiian/SkunkHaze Haze Skunk Hempstar Himalayan Gold Hindu KushHollands HopeHypno JFKJack HerrerPK2Kali Mist KC 33Kush LambsbreadMangoMaster KushMazarMighty MiteNiagaraNiagara X ShivaNight QueenNorthern Berry Northern LightsNorthern Lights X ShivaNorthern Lights #1Northern Lights #5 Northern Lights #5 X HazeOasisOrange BudPower PlantPurple #1Purple HazePurple High Purple StarPurple SkunkShamanSensi Skunk ShivaShiva SkunkSky DogSkunk #1Skunk PassionSkunk Red HairSuper CrystalSuper Haze SwaziThaiThai - TanicThai - TanicWhite CloudWhite LightWhite RhinoWhite SkunkWhite RussianWhite WidowWhite Widow X Northern Lights #5

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