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What is grizzly chewing tobacco

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Grizzly tobacco is a dipping tobacco, a tobacco snuff product, marketed as smokeless tobacco. Grizzly is produced by Conwood Co. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-grizzly-chewing-tobacco ]
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What are some nicknames for tobacco?
street names/slang terms for Tobacco... Chew, Dip, Fags, Smoke, Doof, Puff, Stix
How strong is grizzly chewing tobacco?
Grizzly smokeless tobacco is probably the second strongest tobacco in the industry. it is referred to as a discount tobacco because it is sold for under 2 dollars a can. the strongest is copenhagen, but the runner-up is definitely grizzly. ...
What dose the number under the bar code of grizzly chewing tobacc...?
I too am an avid dipper of Grizz green, and have been wondering about this also. I have talked to many of experts on Grizz, and all of them say that it is a rating system of the consistency of the chew. 0 being the worst, and the highest i ...

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How much does 1 can of Grizzly Chewing tobacco cost in new york?
Q: How much does 1 can of Grizzly Chewing tobacco cost in new york state?
A: In a pack of five around $10
Grizzly Chewing Tobacco...Where to buy online and get it shipped to Canada?
Q: I want to buy some Grizzly chewing tobacco and get it shipped to Canada. But I don't want to pay $20 for shipping. Does anyone know any places?
A: Most gas stations or convenience stores in the states will order a specific brand at the customers request as long as they know you're going to come back and buy it. Try asking around to see if one will do it for you there.

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