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What happens when you smoke weed and drink energy drinks

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It is dangerous and illegal If you drink too much, you pass out and COULD lapse into a coma and die. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-when-you-smoke-weed-and-drink-energy-drinks ]
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What serious risks for diabetics that drink alcohol with energy d...?
the biggest problem is teh Jager Bombs. That rock Star Energy Drink is LOADD with sugar. Your dad is killing himself, and there is nothing YOU can do about it. I'm sure doctors have all told him what he needs to do. Some people just wont li...
Does red bull energy drink clean your system if you've smoked wee...?
no it will not do that for you ,it may kick start you for a while ,as weed as you call it takes 2 to 3 weeks to work out of your system if you use it a lot.and i know people who were tested on the morning they went to work ,and test positiv...

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How to get rid of a burn out?
Q: I enjoy smoking weed, one thing that. Im just wondering if there is somehow to get rid of the tiered burnout after smoking...will energy drink or those small 5 hour energy rinks help take away the burn out? or is there anything else that you think would or is it something that has to happen? please help and no just saying don't smoke weed
A: Drink a ton of water, during and after. Also, sometimes doing about 30 minutes of cardio makes it go away. I don't know how, but it does. Try some yoga or stretching, it helps too. That will usually take care of the physical aftermath.As for the mental side, just realize it's your brain chemistry readjusting from so much stimulation that you'll feel slightly down. It goes away.Take it easy man. The other answer person is a close-minded idiot, probably drinks beer all day and abuses his cat.
why was this happing when i smoked weed?
Q: First off i know i shouldn't have been doing this but yesterday i was smoking weed for like ma 20th time. but it was different i was smoking with some friends but when i was hy i was feeling like a dream, ma heart was pounding really fast, ma body was completely numb, it was hard to stop walking or controlling myself, da only thing i had control on was what i was saying, i was hearing laughs and thought my friends were talk shit because i was the only one acting like this? why didnt this happen to my friends only me? also in the morning i had a energy drink a powerful one too called N O explode do you think it was because of that? or could it be i was smoking pcp or chronic? also i was very paranoid and thought it was a dream that im goin to wake up back in bed for about an hour and this effect lasted for 4 hours? i only took one hit too from the blunt !!!ya but the only thing is that i only took one puff and i have been hy b4 and i never felt like this but i learned my lesson but 1 puff that crazy??
A: ok how is this Stop SMOking weeeeeeeeeed!!!just kidding :))OK enrgy Drink I dont know but it might have been that you smoked more then them and you got more stoned there is nothing else to say I used to smoke a lot and once I got so bad just by taking to drugs tat I had to call ambulance caus my heart would not slow down :)so be carefull It happened to me because I ws tired and I was smoking too much, and when you are like this this can get you paranoid and if you let paranoia play you you might start feeling worse.Just take it easy smoke slowly and wait for it to come How old are u ? :D I hope you are old enoughP.s. Have you not red my answer? I took 2 Puffs and got like this ( i wrote drugs cause I used to live in UK sorry :D )
Why to people think weed is SO bad for you, when in fact nobody has ever died from smoking weed!?
Q: It has been proven time and time again, that there is no possible way to die from smoking weed. Period. Well...unless you get really high and run in front of a train. Millions of people die from tobacco every year, and millions of people die from alcohol poisoning every year, but you don't hear people dissing these drugs do you?Honestly, it just really annoys me when people go on and on about how bad marijuana is, and how it will ruin your life. PROVE IT! Show me where somebody's life has been ruined from weed. And don't say "schizophrenia", because these people were most likely susceptible to it anyway. Also, how many times have people been glassed/bashed/shot/raped by a drunk person? Every week it happens! Do you know why a stoned person never kills anybody? Because all they want to do is order a pizza and watch Kung Fu Cow on Pay TV. They don't have the energy to go out and stab somebody.And yes i smoke weed, proud of it thanks.Peace ;)Of course people can get hurt as a result of smoking weed, i didn't mean that if you had read my question properly. What i meant was that the drug itself does no harm to your body, as in you can't overdose on marijuana. If people are stupid enough to drive stoned then thats their problem.
A: Have you forgoton that smoking weed is carcinogenic?it can kill people just like smoking tobacco can kill people.Thats not to mention all the other ways already mentioned where it can indirectly kill you.

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