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What drug will get you the highest

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Fentanyl-heroin cocktail has become the hot new high, as lethal as it is alluring. It is being blamed for hundreds of deaths. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-drug-will-get-you-the-highest ]
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What drug makes you highest?
Well most people would say any A class drug (heroin, crack, cocaine) but hallucinogens are waayyy better than those in my opinion
Which drug gets you the highest?
depends on how much i take of what but id say heroine, bzp and weed.
Which drug has the highest potency?
In anesthesia we use fentanyl, which is dosed in micrograms. Sometimes a dose of 25 micrograms is all that is needed (less in children and babies). Sufentanil is even more potent than fentanyl. Other drugs that I administer in microgram dos...

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Will Drug Testing for High School athletes lower the number of high school drug users?
Q: If high school students are tested for drugs will it help to decrease the number of future and present high school drug users.
A: It will only lessen the number of athletes who do drugs, not the general population of the school or neighborhood.
What has caused Scots in the army to have the highest drug use?
Q: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/7757409.stmIs it just down to how they conduct the testing?Views tvm.
A: Being billeted in England.Distinct lack of Scottish regiments based in Scotland. The vast majority are based miles from Scotland. As a Scottish soldier, you are automatically, almost anywhere you can be posted, hundreds of miles from home.Perhaps there's a degree of flippancy in my answer; perhaps not. I sure as hell never much liked being stuck in Portsmouth all the way through my Naval career.
After smoking pot every day for years I have a drug test for a vey high paying job in 25 days. Will I be clean
Q: For some years now I have been smoking lots of pot every day. In about 25 days I have a drug test I must take for a very high paying job so needless to say I don't want to fail the test. What can I do besides taking drug kit system flushers to speed up the process of getting my system clean? Perhaps intensive workouts that cause a good amount of sweating will help and lots of water? But what else?
A: You might and you might not. The rule of thumb is usually 30 days to get out of your urine, and 90 days to get it out of your hair. If they are taking a hair test, I'm sorry, but you are f'ed in the A. There is no way to get it out of your hair, it has to grow out. If you shave your head, they will take the hair out of your butt crack if they have to.Now, THC is stored in fat cells, so if it's a urine test, you need to exercise alot. Drinking alot of water will not get it out of your system any faster, and if your urine is too diluted, they will fail you. You do need to drink water, but in healthy amounts.Hope this is help.

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