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What does roofie mean

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Roofie is a street name or slang for a tablet of the sedative flunitrazepam. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-roofie-mean ]
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What does Alaskan Roofie mean?
When you hit a girl in the head at a party to knock her out before hooking up with her.
What does Roofie Colada mean?
a word made famous by quagmire from family guy the term roofie colada is refering to a drink with a roofie in it
What does roofie rampage mean?
when someone spikes the beverage of choice at a party with roofies, waits for the drug to set in, and has his/her way with whomever they so desire.

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What does "roofie" mean?
Q: Can I say someone is a roofie? What does it mean? Tx.
A: Traditionally, one who works on roofs.Of late, however, a drug Rohypnol, the mostcommonly used "date rape" drug. Takenorally (usually slipped into something thevictim drinks), the drug makes thevictim fall into a lessoned state ofconciousness which he or she willprobably not remember and in whichhe or she is not capable of fending offattacks or sexual activity.I have no doubt there are less maliciousrecreational uses for it - but that's whyits famous.Check out http://www.emergency.com/roofies.htmfor more information.
What does it mean when someone says 'roofie'?
A: Roofie=Rohypnol. It's a psychoactive drug used to render the subject unconscious or unaware of what's happening, so that they don't resist sexual activity, and don't remember it afterwards.
Is there such thing as a roofie that doesn't completely block your memory?
Q: I mean, is there a date rape drug that still gives you the flashbacks and stuff until you remember completely what happened? You might have seen some of my other d.r. questions--I'm doing research! I don't think I've been raped or anything, and I'm definetly NOT a rapist or a drug dealer! JUST research!
A: .No but there was a guy in Britain who raped his victims and they had no knowledge of this.He got caught because he was too clever.He was a hypnotist (learner) and gave his victims a mild sedative before taking them home (her home).He then played a CD that made the girl receptive to suggestion.One girl knew something had happened as her underskirt was on inside out when she awoke.However everything else was ok.She was home alone in her own bed.Anyway they eventually caught the guy and he couldn't believe an underskirt was his undoing.As she )the girl) dressed herself wthout his assistance.

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