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What does ecstasy do to your body and brain

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The drug can cause a loss of body temperature regulation, leading to a rise in body temperature or a perhaps fall. There are MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-ecstasy-do-to-your-body-and-brain ]
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What does ecstasy do to your body and your brain?
Briefly, ecstasy increases the heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and produces a sense of energy and alertness. It can also suppress appetite. Users also experience a warmth and good feeling for those around them. Ecstasy has the ...

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Will my brain and body heal if I stop taking ecstasy ?
Q: I've been doing E for 3 years, and do it like every week. Now I feel weaker, my heart beats abnormally, my stomach feel weird after I eat. Now I decide to stop doing E. SO will my body and brain heal ?
A: Yes and no. Some (probably MOST) of the damage that has been done to your body will heal but the reality is that some of the damage is probably permanent.http://www.addictionca.com/FAQ-ecstasy.htmJust stopping the use of Ecstasy may not be enough to allow yourself to heal as completely as possible. You may need to seek out a Narcanon program that can help you to remove the residual Ecstasy that will remain in your tissues even if you stop taking the drug.From this website here:http://www.detox-narconon.org/effects-ecstacy-detox.htmlEffects of Ecstacy DetoxEcstasy has a crystalline chemical structure which tends to lodge in the fat cells and other tissue of the body for many years. Ecstasy has been compared closely to LSD due to its similar crystalline structure and effect of "flashing back", or being brought back in to action in the body, years later. Ecstasy like other drugs, is essentially a poison to the body. Ecstasy presents a danger to the body and burns out nerve messengers called neuro-transmitters like serotonin and dopamine: these messengers are made unavailable creating depression and long term mental health problems. Whether ecstasy is neuro-toxic to humans like it is to small animals is still debated. What is known is that depression is an effect of ecstasy in long term ecstasy users or addicts. Ecstasy Detox would have to fully remove the drug and its chemical residues totally from the body of the user before the body would be able to re-build and repair itself fully. Full Ecstasy Detox and RecoveryEcstasy recovery or full treatment for the consequences of ecstasy intoxication and addiction, should include a full and complete Ecstasy Detox. As Ecstasy gets trapped deep in the body tissues, a long sauna detox sweat out program would be needed to remove the build up of these chemical residues from the body. The body has an amazing ability to repair itself and rebuild itself once there is no more threat to its survival. I liken ecstasy to a virus that infects the body and cells and prevents the body from properly repairing itself. Like a dirty cut that remains sore and does not heal, ecstasy residues dirty the cells and makes full repair difficult while present. Removing or detox'ing these chemical residues from the cells, gives new life and reduces the burden on the body that these drugs create. Some sauna detoxifications can take a month or more, but the change to the persons health and outlook is attested to by 1000's of happy people who complete the New Life Detoxification Program ® delivered by Narconon ®.Good luck to you! You've made a good decision to improve your life and whatever long term damage you might have done with drug use....it will be less if you stop right now rather than three months from now.
What does DMT do to your body?
Q: I've been looking up stuff online but nothing actually says what DMT does to your body. Does it destroy brain matter like ecstasy? Or does it not do anything because its naturally in our body already?
A: Here you go:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dimethyltryptamine
does the use of ecstasy pills make you lose weight if you pop everyday?
Q: im try to lose weight and until i got hooked on ecstasy . wen im on the drug i dont get hungry and im starting to lose wieght but im scared of damaging my brain and body? what should i do ?
A: go get help to stop with this addiction ecstasy can kill you and eventually will so you deff need to stop and go get help because it is damaging your brain and body not good..

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