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What does crack look like

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Crack typically is available as rocks. Crack rocks are white (or off-white) and vary in size and shape. Thanks for using ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-crack-look-like ]
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A dose of Crack, which is a purified form of cocaine. Two or three doses can cause addiction. Because this smokable form of cocaine delivers 10 times the impact of "snorting" the powder, casual use can cause death from heart or re...
Crack is typically available as rocks. Crack rocks are white or off-white and vary in size and shape.
FTR that is my old racket, I did it after I hit a beautiful down the line backhand, out wide. Once I finished the shot I turned around to get a ball, and I didn't realise how close I was to the fence and I was moving quick and just as a rea...

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What does a crack file look like and in what folder of the cd is it in?
Q: What does a crack file look like and when you open the cd in my computer what folder would it be in
A: 'Explore' the files on the cd, one will usually say "crack" or "deviance". If not, use the one that looks like the desktop icon (.exe program). Once you install the program/game/whatever, go back into the cd files and copy the icon. Then go into the program files in your C drive for the program and paste the icon. Make sure it replaces the existing one. Should be good to go after that.
What does a crack pipe look like?
Q: Does it look like a rose vial? What is the purpose of the Brillo or Chore Boy filter? Where is the filter placed when the crack is smoked?Seriously, I want to know. After a party a friend of mine left behind a burned rose vial. I just some additional info in order to confirm or deny my assumptions.
A: It's basically a pipe, but just made out of glass since the aim is to evaporate the crack into vapor, not make it produce carcinogens by directly putting the flame on the crack. It can be made out of a light bulb, glass bottles, anything that essentially conducts heat. Choreboys filter out some out some of the more dangerous vapors in a crack mixture making it a little safer to inhale.
Does smoking crack really make you look old?
Q: Seriously - I was having this discussion with a "crack-head" and he told me crack doesn't make you look old - that's meth. I told him crack or meth, same difference, they make you look old. He's only 25 and still young, but I told him once you turn 30-35 you're going to look 50 or so. He flipped me off and told me I was wrong. Am I right or wrong? Does crack make you look old?
A: Meth does do that to you, a former co-worker was 35, but she looked mid- to late-50s due to bad meth and bad boyfriends.There are plenty of crackheads around here, maybe one will speak up.

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