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What do you put in a hookah

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Tobacco and flavoring (I suggest green Apple). thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-put-in-a-hookah ]
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How to Put Together a Hookah
・ 1 First, you are going to need to fill the base of the hookah with water. Fill it so that the water line... ・ 2 Put the top half of the hookah into the base of the hookah, pushing down so that it is securely together. ・ 3 With whatever sh...
Can I put my Hookah in the dishwasher?
The only thing of a hookah you should put in the dishwasher is the base...and only if it's unpainted. Otherwise the paint will chip off. Bowls most of them are unglazed on the inside. Washing them with soap or a dishwasher can cause them to...
What kind of coal do I put in my hookah!
You need to buy Hookah specific coal there are two kinds. 1. Quicklight 2. Stove Top. Stove Tops are heated on a burner then used. For a newbie I suggest Quicklights, They are cheap use a butane light to use and when they stop sparking put ...

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Can you put Hookah Tobacco in a Cigarette and smoke it?
Q: I just put hookah tobacco in a cigarette and i want to know is it safe? will it taste like cherry's?
A: eh, why would you want to? sounds gross. Its most likely not safe, since ya know, theres that whole lung cancer, blood clot, bad circulation thing, but whatever floats your boat..
what are the cons of the stuff they put in hookah at hookah bars?
Q: I see hookah has a pretty big social scene. I'm not into smoking regular cigarettes at all because its extremely unhealthy and really, really smelly. Can people educate me about hookah? What do they put in it at hookah bars? Is it safe? Or how, safer? Cons? Anything.. I don't know much about it.
A: Mashell IS the tobacco used in a shisha pipe (narghila). It is molasses tobacco, flavoured with various things. Favourites are various fruits, and especially apple or apple and menthol.The tobacco should not actually 'burn, just char and smoulder on a platform above the coals. All the smoke is passed through water, so it is a lot less harmful for you than smoking cigarettes, cigars or a normal pipe. There is less nicotine too, so it is one way of cutting down on your smoking (combined with the fact that it is such a chore setting the thing going). It is a good way to pass the time if you are sat in a cafe somewhere.
What kind of pineapple juice do i put in my hookah?
Q: Instead of putting water in the base, i want to put pineapple juice in there. I was at a hookah bar recently and they had pineapple juice in the bottom, and the shisha was pinacolada. It was amazing. I want to make the same thing but i don't know what kind of pineapple juice i would need, any ideas?
A: I would use 100% pure pineapple juice. Make sure to mix it with water, around 1 part juice to 2-3 parts water.. For PinaColada, it would also be tastey to mix 1 part pineapple juice, 1 part coconut water (not coconut milk), and 2 parts regular water..

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