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What do the pills tramadol do if you take them

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Tramadol is a narcotic-like pain reliever & is used to treat moderate to severe pain. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-the-pills-tramadol-do-if-you-take-them ]
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what is tramadol? is it dangerous to take?
Q: a friend of mine has given me this pills, called tramadol, and she said i'll be in a great mood if i take them. what is tramadol? is it a psychedelic drug?
A: no, its a stimulating opiate. Yes, it generally will boost you mood. no, its not physchedelic or hallucinogenic.Its not terribly dangerous, but as with any drug, it has its risks.DO NOT TAKE IT IF YOU ARE ON ANTI DEPRESSANTS. You risk serotonin toxidrome.Chances are, if your opioid naive, it will make you feel somewhat queasy, give you constipation and cause unusual dreams if you attemp to sleep under its influence. It's generally quite safe, and is OTC is some countries... But your probably best to avoid taking any drug that you dont know the very basics about...i.e. asking if this opiate is a psychedelic...EDIT the lowest dosage in the literature when taken alone in a person with no seizure dosage for causing a seizure was 700mg...F**kwit below me can stop his over drama, yes?
whats the best way to get high off tramadol and vicadin? i have 3 of both pills.?
Q: You choose to live ur life the way you want so let me live mine no sarcasm please..thanx. i have some tramadol and vicadin i want to know how to get the best high with them, like do i snort them pop em rail em parachute them or wat and how many pills is good, just give me som tips...thanx.
A: First of all your sick in the head..Cause of people like you it is hard for the ones who really need something for the pain..I have alots of health problems that cause pain and my doctor's dont like to give pain med's.cause of people who just pop them..Now i do have tramadol and they dont make you high..give it up...thanks to your sick head i have to deal with my pain..
How many Tramadol should i take to feel good?
Q: So today i got my wisdom teeth out and i was prescribed Tramadol at 50 MG.im 5'10 and weigh around 132 pounds.It says to take 1 every 4-6 hours.my question is how much should a first time with no experience with pills take to feel good.im not looking to get trashed just experience some of the tramadol high.please once again no preaching, im aware of the complications and risks when taking this, all i am asking for his help.
A: You should take 2. Dont take anymore than that and eat something with it. Trams make ya feel pretty good. But, good advice, Dont go getting addicted to them things! ITs Hell!

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