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What can happen if you mix prozac and alcohol

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You should never mix alcohol with these types of medication. You can overdose very easily. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-happen-if-you-mix-prozac-and-alcohol ]
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Why can't you mix alcohol and Prozac?
Mixing Alcohol & Prozac: ・ There is a simple way to figure out whether one should drink on ANY medication and it's as easy as getting ... ・ There is no specific physiological reason why you cannot mix Prozac (fluoxetine) with ethanol. ...
Can You Mix Alcohol Prozac prozac andalcohol wellbutrin prozac co...?
standards before hitting the marketplace. According to Robert Sherman of the FDA's Office of Over the Counter Drug Evaluation, cheapdiet pills "even the best studies show only about a half pound greater weight loss per week using PPA c...
Can an overdose of paracetamol mixed with alcohol and prozac kill...?
paracetamol is tylenol and that mixed with alcohol is deadly in itself...from what I've been told it can cause a heart attack. I guess the prozac would just make it worse.

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what happens if i take a 10mg prozac and drink alcohol?
Q: i just got prescirbed the lowest dose of prozac 10mg. i will start taking the med. tomorrow morning. spring break starts friday, friday night i am supposed to be drinking. what happens with a 10mg. dose of prozac mixed w/ alcohol.
A: i wouldnt mix it with alcohol but nothing bad happens i drink all the time and i have to take the same amount
Mixing alcohol with prozac? Anyone ever done it?
Q: Do you know what would happen? It says on the bottle you're not supposed to, but I have a friend who says it just makes you drunk faster. Is that true?alrighty.. thanks guys.
A: Mixing these two would potentiate or make stronger the drugs so yes he could feel drunk. There's a reason there is that note on the bottle. There could be a serious side effect mixing drugs like this.Remember Heath Ledger? He didn't take too much of one drug, he took a combination of drugs. You can see what happened to him. He didn't take the drugs for fun, just to sleep. Don't mix drugs. Please.

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