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What are uppers and downers

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As the name suggests, stimulants are a class of drugs that enhance brain activity - they cause an increase in alertness...more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-uppers-and-downers ]
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What happens when you mix uppers and downers?
That is risky - I would tell your parents. That can affect your heart very badly. Plus coke could always be laced with something. It's better for your brother to be mad at you then have something happen to him!
What's the difference between uppers and downers?
Uppers and downers very simply are medications that cause stimulation, versus medications that cause sedation. Typically uppers are medications that have been referred to in the past as sympathomemetics, the paradigm being methamphetamine, ...
Are shrooms an upper or downer?
"Shrooms", psychoactive mushrooms which contain psilocybin and related substances, are a hallucinogen (also known as psychedelics, and several other names), a class which is distinct from uppers (stimulants) and downers (depressan...

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What will the H & S 'experts' make of the Ashbourne Football Match between the uppers & downers?
Q: The question above is prompted by the Ripon boys being stopped from their traditional pancake race on Shrove Tuesday.
A: What does this have to do with Community Service?
What are the long term affects of mixing pills that are uppers and downers. Or will my body be able to repair.
Q: Often times I will take uppers to study for a test (example adderral), perhaps two, and then, I'll be so wired I'll take sleeping pills and melatonin. Is this going to have long-term negative affects on my heart or body, and if so, how long can I do it, before the effects are non-reversable. Also, I know my body would be able to repair itself, but will I ever be 100%. Thanks for any comments.
A: that is debatable.I would suggest looking up the effects and information on the websitewww.erowid.orgthey have tons of information.I can tell you that your body finds it MUCH MUCH more dificult to recover from the effects of uppers than downers.
Why do some people react to pain-killers more like 'uppers' than 'downers'?
Q: I've noticed sometimes people have side-effects with painkillers that are more similar to habits of uppers like cleaning or organizing, why is this?Why would someone take painkillers then clean things or talk on the phone alot (like an upper) instead of sleep?
A: sorry i donot got it could u be more clearer

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