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What are the effects of eating pot brownies

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Eating marijuana has effects that are slower to develop, longer-lasting, and more variable, making unpleasant reactions likely. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-effects-of-eating-pot-brownies ]
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How bad are the effects of pot brownies?
im gonna add on to your question, is eating pot brownies completly different than actually smoking pot? how is it dangerous if youre not smoking it =l
What are the side effects to pot/weed brownies??
Yeah when i ate brownies the first time i could barely walk up the stairs. Eyes just get itchy sometimes, your fine. And dry mouth is really common. Your fine. I liked the high better, but the ones we cooked were cooked wrong and it took ab...

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What are the side effects to pot/weed brownies?
Q: I ate weed brownies for the first time and had some weird side effects like not being able to walk and dry mouth and eyes. I am just curious as to what the side effects are and if what i experienced was normal?
A: Yeah when i ate brownies the first time i could barely walk up the stairs.Eyes just get itchy sometimes, your fine.And dry mouth is really common.Your fine. I liked the high better, but the ones we cooked were cooked wrong and it took about an hour to kick in.When my girlfriend cooked them for me and i ate them before school, that was the bomb. Your fine and everything was normal.Good Luck and happy blazing
Pot Brownies???
Q: Has anyone tried them??I know how to make them but I'd like to know something more about it.Do they actually work?Can you get high eating pot brownies?How long do they take to kick in?After how long does the effect wear off?Answer if you know anything about it.Thanks!
A: dude, Yes it works. It is best to lightly saute' the greens in oil first and then mix it with the brownie mix and bake it. Takes 1/2 hour or so to fully kick in, it is very potent and last several hours.
Prenatal marijuana exposure - effects?
Q: Before I realized I was pregnant (I was about 6 weeks along when I found out), I smoked weed fairly regularly and had recently made and eaten pot brownies. When I found out, I stopped smoking (and eating) pot, but I'm curious as to the effects (or lack thereof) that early prenatal marijuana exposure could have on a fetus.Does anyone have reliable information regarding this?I also know several people who have chosen to smoke pot throughout their entire pregnancies. Has anyone else done this? I'm curious as to if there were any reprocussions for your children.Thank you!
A: Of course when you are pregnant or trying to concieve, you should be eating a good balanced diet and NOT smoking anything.. But some of us like to hit the green every once in a while! Are we bad mothers? NO! It is what you do from this point in your pregnancy and on that will matter the most! I smoked green like a female Willie Nelson for years before I became pregnant. I was 7 weeks along when I discovered I was pregnant. In those 7 weeks before I knew, I smoked green daily, drank a few times and smoked a pack of cigarettes a day. I quit as soon as I found out I was pregnant. My doctor assured me that everything was ok, and sure enough, I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy boy. If I continued to smoke throughout my pregnancy, that may not have been the case. And honestly, who wants to find out!Marijuana crosses the placenta, so it is never a good idea to smoke it while pregnant. It can cause all kinds of things.. ADD and behaviorial issues, low birth weight, fetal growth, mild effects on nervous system development.... I have googled the heck out of "marijuana while pregnant" and most of my results say the same thing, the effects are subtle and not nearly as hazardous as drinking alcohol while pregnant. I would pack up the paraphenalia for 9 months and then smoke all you want after you have the baby. Who the heck wants to find out the hard way the lasting effects of marijuana exposure on a fetus.. Not me, and I'm sure not you!!But don't worry if you have already smoked, everything is going to be ok :)

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