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What are the effects of cocaine on the body

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Cocaine produces its powerful high by acting on the brain. But as cocaine travels through the blood, it affects the whole body. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-effects-of-cocaine-on-the-body ]
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What Is The Effects Of The Cocaine On Your Body??
Short Term: Dilated pupils, constricted blood vessels,increased temperature, blood pressure & heart rate... Reduced fatigue, hyperstimulation, and mental alertness. Long Term: Cocaine causes disturbances in heart rhythm, heart attacks, ...
How long do the effects of cocaine last in your body??
cocaine gives you an instant hit. slang names are some such as coke,charlie,C,chang. if you stopped using the drug you have strong physical and mental urges for another hit and it can lso make you shaky. about a line of the powder 5cm long ...
What are the effects of cocaine abuse on the human body??
Do you mean immediately or long term? Immediately you get a high quite similar to a shot of tequilla, it can make you more talkative and confident, although I've met quite a few people who say it makes them feel quite insular and thoughtfu...

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Wjhat are the effects of cocaine on your body?
Q: short and long term, I already know that it is very addictive.
A: I can speak to the brain effects. When used, cocaine causes a massive release of dopamine, and then blocks the reuptake of dopamine (and NE and 5-HTP). The excess dopamine produces euphoria until it is broken down by monoamine oxidase. The result is a shortage of dopamine, which accounts for the infamous cocaine crash. Over the long term, dopamine receptors detect that they are being repeatedly overstimulated, and they compensate by becoming less sensitive. At this point the risk of depression is very high, since the receptors don't respond properly to normal dopamine levels. When the user quits, the receptors will return to normal after the withdrawal period, but there may be lasting effects on the production and release of dopamine.As I mentioned above, cocaine also blocks the reuptake of norepinephrine (NE) and serotonin (5-HTP). It is believed that these effects are secondary to those on dopamine, but they have not been studied as extensively.
what are the effects of cocaine on the body?
Q: im working on a project for my health class, so if you could give any sources that would be great!
A: Here's a link---Its not much,but I hope it helps...http://www.camh.net/About_Addiction_Mental_Health/Drug_and_Addiction_Information/cocaine_dyk.htmlThe link seems broken,but I'm sure you can figure it out---Please answer mine-- I'm worried about my hearing.
What effects does cocaine have on your body?
Q: effects?
A: It can have devastating affects on your internal organs and your brain and can be very DEADLY.Read about it on the internet.

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