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What are over the counter drugs that get you high

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Any Cough and Cold medicine will leave you feeling high. Thanks for using ChaCha! Have a wonderful day! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-over-the-counter-drugs-that-get-you-high ]
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Do these over the counter drugs get you high?For a report.??
Lay off unless you wanna be braindead. Google those and you'll find the answer. I really wouldn't be messing with codine. Tsk tsk.
What over the counter drugs are teens doing these days to get hig...?
Cold medicines containing phenylepherine and pseudoephedrine are the most commonly abused, as they are contained in many different kinds of common cough/cold medications. A related drug (dextromethorphan) is also easily available. Coricidin...
What prescription drugs or over the counter can teens get high on...?
None of them that won't cause severe long term damage to their kidneys, liver, brain, or other vital organ. Besides that fact, many pharmacies and drug stores restrict the sale of many OTC drugs to people who are over 18. If you really fe...

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What over the counter drugs get you high?
Q: I don't want to get high from them. I am doing a project on over the counter drugs, and I need a little help with finding the right ones. Thank you!
A: there aren't that many over the counter ones that'll get you high, at least not that high, but here's a list of some:http://www.teendrugabuse.us/over_the_counter_drug_abuse.html
What over the counter drugs can my daughter get high off?
Q: I'm not a teenager trying to get high or anything. I swear.I just have a fifteen year old daughter and she seems to be acting weird. And I can't find any illegal drugs so I'm wondering if shes using any over the counter... And I want to know what ones I should keep away from her. Please? Help?
A: Dextromethorphan: also called "DXM" or "Robo" some products that contain DXM are: Robitussin, Nyquil, Dayquil, Triaminic. DXM Is a dissociative/psychedelic. It can come in pill or liquid form. It isn't terribly dangerous by its self, but a lot of the products that contain DXM also contain acetaminophen which in large doses can destroy your liver. Inhalants:Computer Duster, Glue, Acetone,Nitrous; and many more. Most of these are extremely dangerous and can kill you. Nitrous (eisley obtained from whip cream cans) probably won't kill you if you use it in an open room where you can get air. But others such as computer duster can can cause brain and other neurological damage. Diphenhydramine: Benadryl, Nytol, Sominex. Is an anti-histamine also used as an over the counter sleeping pill. It isn't that fun, so I doubt that your daughter would be using this as a recreational drug. Like DXM alot of the products that contain diphenhydramine also contain acetaminophen.Dimenhydrinate: Dramamine, Gravol, Vertirosan. Similar to diphenhydramine is also an anti-histamine used mostly to prevent motion sickness. In high dosed it can cause delerium and hallucinations. Again like diphenhydramine it isn't very pleasant.Those are just a few of the drugs that are legal and can be eisley obtained. There are TONS of drugs out there that are not illegal, anywhere from the nutmeg in your spice cabni to some random flower in your garden. It would take a long time to list. You may want to check out http://www.erowid.org/splash.php and do some research for your self. Good luck!
What over the counter drugs are teens doing these days to get high with?
Q: I am doing a report for one of my nursing classes on teens and over the counter drugs. I have gathered alot of research but I am still looking for a list of over the counter drugs that teens are taking advantage of to get high, plus what else they are using to enhance the effects of that drug or drugs. If anyone could give me some information that would be great, or some names of the pills. I am looking for answers from teenagers or from people who are around teenagers engaging in this type of dangerous activites.
A: Triple c (CCC _ Cold cough and chest) I think the main ingredient is dextromorphan , kids take it to hallucinate/ some stores pulled it off the shelves

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