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What are camel crush cigarettes

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Camel Crush is a customizable cigarette that contains a small blue menthol capsule within the filter. By squeezing the>>MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-camel-crush-cigarettes ]
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Are Camel crush cigarettes poisonous?
well no ciggerette is good for you, i dont know exactly how bad they are for you but i recieved coupons in the mail and bought 3 packs and for a week i was coughing really bad i stopped smoking them cause i couldnt take it anymore and my co...
Are Camel Crush Cigarettes considered girly?
are you talking about the ones that are regular cigarettes until you "crush" the ball in the filter to make it a menthol? No I'm not a big fan of those, but I hate menthol's. I only tried them because one of the guys at my work h...
Do Camel Crush Cigarettes Contain Fiberglass?
No, they don't. I took apart one of these cigarettes and it is simply a capsule with menthol liquid in it. Menthol is either derived from mint, or synthetically created and triggers the "cool" sensors in the mouth the same way tha...

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What do people think of those Camel Crush cigarettes?
Q: What do people think of those Camel Crush cigarettes, where you have a regular cigarette, break the capsule, and all of a sudden have a menthol? After the novelty of the capsule wears off, are they still a good smoke?
A: Their hella awesome in my opinionbut their not good without the crush thing crushed
why was there a recall on camel crush cigarettes?
Q: I heard of a recall and didn't find much about it. Why did they recall camel crush cigarettes. I did reaad something leading to the fact they attract underage kids. Is it because of the kids being drawn towards them, or are they poisonous?
A: As cigarettes are bad for you, maybe the common-sense brigade banned them?but in answer to your question.Menthol cigarettes appeal to youngsters as it makes the taste more palatable & YES THEY'RE POISONOUS.Kids do know that.
Does anybody know where to find out the locations and release dates where camel crush cigarettes can be found?
Q: Camel is letting out a new cigarette called Camel Crush. They have a small ball in the filter that you can crush with your teeth and turn the flavor from a regular to a menthol. I just don't know when Camel is releasing them or if they are already out, and if they are where I can get some?
A: Camel Crush was released nation wide on August 25th. If you can't find them at a gas station, then go to your nearest cigarette/tobacco store.

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